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16 Concealed Signs that you are in Connection with your Fake Spiritual Twin


16 Concealed Signs that you are in Connection with your Fake Spiritual Twin

Our spiritual twin is the person with whose spiritual frequency we resonate with. There can only be one such soul in the world, who can act like a mirror to our own.

However, there can be another that is very similar but not quite the one whom we might encounter in our life. This fake spiritual twin too is necessary sometimes when old karma needs to be cleared away so we can finally connect with our true twin.

Here are 16 signs that show that you might have started a relationship with your false twin, or rather 16 ways in which you can distinguish between a true twin and a fake one.

1. The two can be quite similar as in how they make you feel. When you have moved on from your fake spiritual twin and met the true one, you might find that there was not much of a difference between the two and you will understand why you thought the first one was the real one.

2. The false twin brings up problems from your past so that you can address them and finally move forward. However, your true spiritual twin will awaken the questions pertaining to the future.

3. We encounter false twins in our life when we need to become more self conscious. They will teach you how to be your own hero. A true twin will show you how you can help others.

4. When with a false twin, the commitment will dwindle sooner or later as you encounter tough times and difficulties. On the other hand, the real twin will only increase their support and the commitment to each other will only grow stronger. They will go with you and stand beside you through anything.

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5. The false twin can sometimes cause you unneeded anxieties and make you feel nervous. On the other hand, a real twin will always make you feel completely at home and calm you when anxieties and worries happen.

6. The bond that connects you with your false twin is very rocky and shaky and there will be many times when it is threatened. However, when you finally meet your true twin, you’d know this one will be obvious.

7. Your fake twin will always do something or the other which will make you question the relationship, whereas your real twin will never do so. With your real twin, you will feel security.

8. The false spiritual twin comes in your life when you need to recognize the power that lies within you; whereas the true twin comes in your life when you are ready to use these powers.

9. When you are with the false twin, you’d be constantly wondering whether it was the right choice or not, whereas when it is the true twin, you will know it from day 1.

10. Your fake spiritual twin will promise you a lot and yet not ever stay true to those promises; whereas with your true twin, you’d know from the start that they’re genuine.

11. A false spiritual twin will get insecure when they see you succeeding and getting ahead of them. Your true spiritual twin will only take inspiration from your success and will try to be more worthy of you. Both of you will motivate each other to become better versions of yourselves.

12. As mentioned before, a false twin is instrumental in your awakening so they will show you the changes you need to make to better yourself. A true one will show you the changes you need in order to be more successful.

13. When you are in a relationship with your false twin, he or she will encourage you towards your awakening. But when you are with your true twin, this awakening would be a mutual process which will take both of you towards enlightening.

14. When you are with your true twin, you will realize that both of you have the same kind of vision of your future; whereas the fake twin would always want something different than what you have in mind.

15. The relationship with your false twin will continuously make you question what you have done to deserve that pain. Nothing of the sorts will happen with your true twin.

16. There will always be excuses and doubts with your fake twin; whereas nothing like this would be a problem with your true twin.

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