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15 Things Ambitious Girls Do Differently When They’re Dating


15 Things Ambitious Girls Do Differently When They’re Dating

Temperaments influencing relationships is a known fact; however, a quality like freedom of spirit or ambition for that matter does so in more profound ways.

Women have been the object of oppression for millennia; when the same female spirit becomes truly free and ambitious, it is a magical combination that can breathe life into everything. Even love becomes different, and relationships more interesting.

Here are 15 ways in which a relationship with a woman who is ambitious and free plays out differently:

1. Conventional mind games don’t apply

Things like “double texting” and waiting to reply in order not to sound too clingy simply don’t apply. It will be relationship that is based on reason and common sense and not anything else. Whimsical, immature games have no place here.

2. Expect them to take the first step

They are free spirits who don’t just sit back. If they like you, they will make sure you get to know that, clearly and simply.

3. The “chase” is but a waste of time

The politics of wooing are alien gibberish to them. They like clear things that are predicated on common sense and a healthy, utilitarian rationale. They don’t like challenges like those; Au contraire, give them a dialectic challenge, an ideological debate, and in some cases an actual athletic challenge, and see how they absolutely love it.

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4. They love to be with someone with similar tastes

The whole “opposites attract” logic does not work with them. Opposites attract – true, but fire and ice together make bland water. They prefer someone who shares their interests and ideologies. It’s not like they prefer yes-men, but having someone they can relate to makes it a smoother process for them to be with someone.

5. They aren’t yours to flaunt

The whole “trophy wife” thing is insulting to them. They would like to be flaunted for the person they are, for their achievements and the accolades they receive, and not simply because they are with someone or (just) because of their physical beauty. Being Don Draper in this case wouldn’t serve your cause too much.

6. They have full-fledged lives besides you

You will never be their whole life; they have full-on social lives of their own too. This is not an indication of promiscuity however. It is just that they aren’t exclusively dependent on anyone for emotional support. Their sense of freedom extends to their emotional lives too.

7. They don’t make you choose

Do not expect drama like having to choose between them and your other responsibilities and priorities. However, this does not mean they will lie down and take what you throw at them. They won’t be an option, but they will let you have your own life as well.

8. They won’t keep you waiting

Similarly they appreciate it a lot if you return the favor. They like to be the object of affection but would not pressurize you if you are confused. On the contrary, they might just leave in such a situation.

9. They don’t have far-fetched notions about romance

They are rational beings who like a normal, quiet private life. They just want someone who appreciates their presence, loves them and keeps them happy. Unicorns and rainbows are not needed.

10. If you don’t like them, you don’t

They don’t hold grudges against you and do things like stalking you (in real life and on social media). Liking someone or not after a date or two is subjective and they understand that pretty well.

11. They like positive, optimistic and ambitious people

This is because positivity is contagious. They prefer to revel in their partner’s hopes and ambitions and be inspired by them to be better in what they do.

12. They are dedicated in a relationship

Like everything they do in their lives, an ambitious woman is fueled by the urge to be better at what they do. The same is true for their loves and relationships. They are constantly seeking to improve themselves.

13. They know that it is okay to show their vulnerable side

They know that it is okay to show feelings and emotions to their partner and that that doesn’t make them look weak. They know that showing vulnerability in front of their partner is not a bad thing, and they expect for their partner to not be ashamed to do the same.

14. A good conversation doesn’t involve talking about money

They are not interested in how much money you make, or what kind of car you are planning to buy or how much you spent on your last summer vacation. Tell them about your passions and what inspires you, they love hearing about that.

15. They know that they can be hard to open up at first

They are used to being in control, so when they are not, or when they are facing different scenarios at hand, they can be a little different and more closed up. Give them a little time.

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