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15 Things All Badass Alpha Women Do Differently


15 Things All Badass Alpha Women Do Differently


The term immediately evokes a sense of dominance, confidence and independence. Being a 21st century woman, I’m blessed to be surrounded by such strong, beautiful and absolute badass queens who have not only shaped me into the person that I am today, but also keep cheering me on to achieve all my goals and turn heads as I do them

From J.K Rowling to Beyonce, and of course my own amazing mother, they have all taught me to love and believe in myself, to be brave and proud, and to never bow down.

Alpha-women are born warriors, who fight for their rights and earn their place in this world, and most importantly, do not tolerate injustice. When they step into a room, you are bound to pay attention. Not only are they absolute divas, but also empowering, like famous YouTuber iiSuperwomanii aka Lilly Singh, who promotes #girllove to encourage women to stand by themselves and stop girl-on-girl hate. They take charge and bring about positive changes in the world. They have got no time for petty drama; they would rather spend their time hustling hard!

So here are 15 unique qualities of Alpha-women:

1. They cultivate a life they actually enjoy living

Alpha-women don’t depend on others. Irrespective of their relationship status, these women will always shape their lives the way they want. They believe in putting themselves first and self-love is their top priority. These women constantly push their boundaries which is admirable.

2. They make their move

Don’t expect an alpha female to wait for others to hand things down to her on a platter. She will go out and get things done by herself. She is the leader of the pack. It’s not in her nature to be in the background.

3. They don’t put themselves down

Alpha-women don’t stress on their physical appearance. They are perfectly comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their individuality. They embrace their quirks, not letting any negativity affect them and continue being the brilliant individuals they are.

4. They don’t need a boyfriend but they’re open to having a partner

The one thing that alpha-women are not at all waiting for is their knights in shining armour. Perfectly capable of saving themselves, they would rather spend time on themselves than on demanding boyfriends who don’t understand them. What they look forward to is a healthy relationship with a man who treats her as an equal and respects her.

5. They don’t waste time wishing

They don’t fruitlessly wish on their lives to be different or situations to be different. They rather analyse their past mistakes, learn and evolve.

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6. They call people out

Never expect an alpha-woman to sit quietly through injustice and disrespect. She would definitely take a stand for herself and others, put the person back to his place and set an example.

7. They know when to walk away

Often we invest too much time and effort into people who never reciprocate it. An alpha-woman knows when to detach herself from such a situation.

8. They expect FaceTime

Move over hours of tiring and time consuming text messages. Alpha-women strongly approve of face to face conversations. They like to indulge in meaningful conversations and share genuine smiles. Proper conversations also lead to successful relationships.

9. They give themselves a real chance to meet someone

In a generation of Tinder dates, alpha-women would rather go out and meet someone and let things flow from there. It is far more romantic to feel the chemistry sizzling, to talk effortlessly over some drinks in a club than to set up a time and date to meet. Romance cannot be planned like that, ladies!

10. They don’t pretend they’re on an episode of “The Bachelor”

Alpha-women would never fight to attract a man. They would never even need to. They have so much work already, like slaying the world with their awesomeness!

11. They also don’t pretend to be a Kardashian

Alpha-women don’t need to pretend to be a diva. Enough said.

12. They see themselves as an investment

They know that they deserve the best of things. Queens don’t undermine themselves.

13. They don’t play the victim

Alpha-women never play the victim card to escape tough situations. They buckle up, crack their knuckles and face problems head on.

14. They dare to go for it

No matter what plans they decide to undertake, they always think things through and deliver.

15. They would never put their lives on hold to accommodate someone else’s idea of who they should be

These strongly independent beings will never let their dreams and happiness take a back seat for someone else. They only care about becoming the best version of themselves.

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