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12 Things Every Empath Will Try To Hide About Themselves


12 Things Every Empath Will Try To Hide About Themselves

Empaths are always there for people because they know exactly what others are going through. But when it comes to their own selves, they are very quiet about what is going on in their lives and mind.

They care too much about their friends and family, but in the process they often completely forget about themselves.

If you have a friend who is an empath, you might want to pay special attention to them because they for sure will not tell you these things about themselves:

1. They will never tell you how much your emotions affect them. But being an empath, they absorb the emotions of others and they can’t help it. But they will never tell you this because they don’t want to see society’s disbelief.

2. They will also never tell you when they are suffering from vulnerability. This is because empaths are healers and they care about others. They feel that they have to be the source of strength for others and thus they cannot show weakness; even though they are extremely sensitive.

3. They like spending their time in the midst of nature because nature gives them peace. It also allows them to recharge after a rather challenging day. They will also not tell you about it because they go in the lap of nature to regain their energy and would not like anyone to be around at all.

4. They are really introverts. Because when they are surrounded by people, they are being constantly affected by the group’s energy. As opposed to that when they are on their own, they get to regain their strength.

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5. Remember, it is practically impossible to lie to an empath. They are extremely good in reading people’s emotions so they know straight away when someone is not being genuine. But they will never tell you this; they’d just be on their guard from the next time if they’ve caught you lying.

6. More often than not, empaths care so much about others that they forget about their own health and mental well-being. They put their needs, wants and personal problems aside, in order to always be there for others because they put everyone else before themselves.

7. Though empaths know it, they are seldom able to avoid it. Negative and manipulative people make a beeline for them because they are so giving and forgiving. Empaths know this but don’t act on it. Empaths seem to attract negative and manipulative people in their lives and are often played by them.

8. Empaths are highly intuitive. And they follow their gut. They understand the signs and ways that life is trying to show them for them to follow and they simply know these things. They can always rely on their intuition and gut feeling.

9. It is very easy for an empath to stress about things and get overwhelmed. They can also feel the emotions of others so all of it just adds to the meeting pot of feelings they are undergoing. And this often becomes too much for a single person to handle. The stress of this often affects their health.

10. People tend to manipulate them to take advantage. This is due to their helpful and forgiving nature. These manipulators have no qualms in taking their advantage. But that doesn’t mean that empaths are weak.

11. Empaths are highly creative. They can be found in almost all the creative professions such as writing, acting, music. For them creativity comes naturally. And they use this creativity as a medium by which they can let go of their piled up emotions. It is their outlet.

12. Empaths are very loyal. Since they can really feel the pain of others, they will never hurt someone. For them, the people who are close to them are the most important and they will go to any lengths for these. They will always show you how loved and appreciated you are and how dear you are to them.

Being an empath is hard. What they can do is stay away from people who suck on their energy too much. They can very easily be affected by negative energies, so they must avoid such people at all costs.

If your friend is an empath, you need to look after them carefully, because they never put themselves first.

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