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12 Clear Signs Your Soul Is Getting Drained And Dying…


12 Clear Signs Your Soul Is Getting Drained And Dying…

Do you feel tired very often? Does it feel like you are dragging around an immense weight attached to your mind? If your answer is ‘yes’, there is a high chance that your soul is depressed.

In the 21st century, we are exposed to several stimulants that disrupt our mental health. Being aware of them and taking care of ourselves is important. Here are 12 signs that point to danger:

1. Ignoring The Lessons You Have Learned

You have been through a lot, just like everybody else. I’m not trying to preach anything. But difficulties come to us, so that we learn something from it. If you don’t mend your ways, then you will keep falling into the same ditch time and again.

2. Building False Excuses

Making excuses will not help you get out of the situation. It’s the other way around… making excuses is what puts you into more trouble.

Your body and your soul will start to drain because they get tired of keeping up with the lies

The best thing you can do for your soul and well-being is to accept your mistakes instead of trying to find an easy way out.

3. Fearing What Lies Ahead

The future is bleak for everybody. We can make a lucky guess, but none of us know for sure. I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow or if my dreams will ever come true. But if I stop working for them now, then I’m stamping on the slightest of possibilities. So, take the chances you have.

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4. Being Unable To Let The Past Go

Let bygones be bygones. There is a reason why they call it “looking back”. It is behind you. If you are going to stick to the past, it will put a heavy weight on your best foot. Moving forward is extremely necessary for a healthy life, so move along.

5. Self Degradation

It is the easiest thing to put yourself down. You spend all your life with your own brain. It has the greatest access to you. So, if you let your mind drag you in filth by bad-mouthing you, then you are up for a lifetime of danger. Try seeing the good in yourself. You are worthy.

6. Permitting Others To Walk Over You

Treat yourself right, even when others don’t. You can never predict the reality behind a human being, so it helps to be cautious. Fight for yourself. If somebody mistreats you, do not let it continue in the name of love. Abuse does not always come from an evil man in a black cape.

7. Not Focusing On What You Want

Losing your aim will lead you astray. Sometimes, we get so engrossed in the hullabaloo of our own tiny lives, we forget the bigger picture. Don’t lose touch with what you are here to do, on Earth. Chase your dreams with a vengeance, and make your magic happen.

8. Lying To Yourself

This is the worst possible tactic to apply. Lying to one’s self is impossible and very damaging. Refusing to take responsibility for how you think, feel, or act, is childishness at best. This cowardly behavior of escapism is not going to get you anywhere at all. Lose the pretense.

9. Being Unable To Refuse

You have to learn to say “no” if you want to be taken seriously. When people see you giving yourself away, they will take undue advantage of your generosity. You were not born to be a doormat. Let people know that you have to be respected and loved.

10. Clinging To Toxicity

Give up on habits that are ruining you. Yes, I’m talking about the exact things you thought of when you read that sentence. You know the damage you are causing yourself, so put an end to it. If you don’t start now, you probably never will.

11. Not Filtering Friends

Not all friends are important. Not all friends are worth keeping. Befriending somebody does not come with a lifetime guarantee. When you see that your “friend” is having a negative influence on you, don’t keep them around just for the sake of promises. Put yourself first.

12. Not Giving Yourself Enough Love

You are your priority. Place yourself before anybody else in life. God knows, that is what the others will do, anyway. Nobody will pamper you, or love you the way you can. You are your finest support, so learn to strengthen the bond with your soul. It will keep you safe.


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