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12 Signs You Might Be Dating A Psychopath


12 Signs You Might Be Dating A Psychopath

The definition of the word “Psychopath” is not clear for a lot of people. When people hear the word psychopath, their mind usually paints a picture of the Joker from the Batman movie or the character of Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl, the type of person who would fake their own disappearance to get back at their significant other.

However, the traits of a psychopath are really common and you might never know who is a psychopath around you – it might be your coworker or the guy you plan on spending your whole life with.

Have you ever felt that your partner is too good to be true or have you ever got a feeling that there might be something off? Well, this article lists down 12 traits to look for in you partner to determine if they are psychopath or not.

1. Sudden Mood Changes

Have you ever noticed your partners mood change so suddenly that you feel like they are a completely different person? You might have noticed a pattern where your partners attitude towards you is different than their attitude towards someone else, such as their boss or your family.

Psychopaths are experts at changing their personality as to perfectly fit into every different surrounding. They might have been too good to you when you initially started dating but now you can see them letting their guard down, as they know that you are committed to them, so there is a lesser chance of you running away.

If you can feel and sense how manipulative they are, then there might be some chance that you are dating a psychopath.

2. They Drive you Crazy

Psychopaths are known for their manipulative ways. Even if you have a valid point in an argument, they will twist it in such a way so that you start doubting yourself. You will second guess everything that comes to your mind, as you are not sure of anything anymore, which will eventually lead to these numerous little battles in your mind where you try to make sense of things.

If you are feeling this way, then there is a high chance that your partner is a psychopath who has been manipulating you to such an extent that you have started to lose confidence and belief in yourself.

3. You are not being Heard

Have you tried pouring your heart to your partner, only to realize that they have just been pretending to listen to you? Its like there is just no one there and you are just talking to them, sharing all of your feelings and all you get in response is merely a nod.

Whereas, when they do listen to what you are saying, your words are manipulated in such a way that they are totally out of context and then used against you.

The key to a good relationship is effective communication between partners.

4. Frequent Lies

Psychopaths are known to lie most of the time regardless for the need to lie. These lies can range from anything such as lying about where they were or who their friends are. They do not own up to anything and really find solace in lying about everything and anything.

5. You Feel Lonely

If your partner wants to know about your whereabouts all the time and wants you to dedicate all of your time to them, then something might not be right. If your friends invite you to hangout with them, and you feel inclined to deny just so that you won’t have to tell your partner to the extent that you lose all of your connections.

This is one of the main traits of a psychopath, where they want their partner to solely rely on them just so that you never have a chance to leave them.

6. They Show Zero Empathy

Psychopaths tend to show zero empathy to anyone, including you. They might hurt you verbally or even physically and show zero signs of remorse for it. It might go to the extent that you will eventually end up taking the blame for their acts just so that all of their bad deeds are justified.

7. They Tend to Manipulate you so that you Feel Sorry for them

They might cook up some very sad story about their past in any aspect so that you start feeling sorry about them. This might be done so that you always feel the need to be in their life and you can never get an opportunity to leave them, even if you feel like it. This is also done to justify their behavior towards you.

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8. They feel Entitled

They have this childish tendency to expect a reward of any sort whenever they do anything nice for you. This is usually done to get something back rather than doing something good out of their own heart. This is a clear sign of a toxic relationship, as it is not about give and take. You should never feel like doing something for others when you don’t want to.

9. They want to be the Center of Attention

Wherever they go, they want all of the attention to be centered towards them. Your partner has a “too good to be true” type of personality and they can make people feel so good about themselves that everyone tends to be their fan. This is done just to fuel their ego and their need to feel better than everyone around them.

10. They might be Stalking you

Have you ever felt like your partner is aware of your every move? Do they get mad when you don’t share your location with them? Have they ever asked you for your social media passwords just so that they can be aware of what you are doing and who you are in contact with?

Despite all of this, they do not share anything about their lives and get mad whenever you try to know more about them. If you are seeing such a pattern then your partner might a psychopath.

11. There are Holes in their Stories

They might tell you a story but something might seem off about it. You always get this gut feeling that they are not being honest to you about what they tell you. If you ever confront them with one of their lies, they will not hesitate in telling another one just to cover their tracks. There should be total transparency in a healthy relationship.

12. They are Mean to Animals

It is basic human tendency to be kind to living things such as animals regardless of how fond they are of animals. Have you ever witnessed your partner be mean to your pet or another pet on the streets?

This tendency of hurting animals, regardless of the reason, is a sign that there is something dark and twisted going on in an individual’s mind.

If your partner has shown any of these signs, then it is about time that you take control of your own life and try to go as far as possible from them. They might use their manipulative ways to make you stay for longer but don’t fall for it as it is not worth the emotional turmoil you might be going through.

Everyone deserves a special person in their life, so do not settle for someone who is not worth your love and affection.

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