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12 Signs The Woman You Love Is Cheating On You


12 Signs The Woman You Love Is Cheating On You

Seems horrendous, doesn’t it?

You think you would stay with this person throughout your life, and then they break your heart. They destroy every bit of trust that you placed and tore apart your soul after you laid it bare.

Now, you must be thinking, what to do? Should you go back to the woman who broke your heart and start fresh, or should you leave her be, and form a new life? Well, it is always ascertained that if you leave something without completing it, it would always haunt you. Just like it would always haunt her as to why she did it, it will keep spoiling your days and nights thinking, “What if I had stayed?”

Let’s just say that she deserves, to some extent, this haunting feeling. But what was your fault? You just wanted a normal relationship, yet you got screwed.

Here’s the catch – maybe the person didn’t do it to hurt you, maybe the person didn’t do it because they wanted to destroy the relationship, but maybe, the person did it because doing something that is taboo is increasingly tantalizing. Even Eve ate from the Garden of Eden after being asked not to. And your fiancée or wife is just a normal human being. It is only human to lose sight once. It is human to make a mistake once. Does that deserve something as severe as simply leaving them? Maybe not.

There is always a reason to do something. Yes, it is always possible that your wife cheated on you because she fell for the other person. But, it is also possible, in the same breath that she cheated because she felt hurt by your actions, by your ignorance, by the miscommunication in your relationship. Or she could have cheated because she felt claustrophobic. Any single reason can be applied, and it is left to you to see which one makes the most sense.

But, the main question still remains. What to do next? How would you, as someone who has just been cheated on, respond?

You could leave, but that is the easiest and silliest of all choices. Unless the person is a compulsive cheater and does it again and again, even after you have given an ultimatum, you should give them a chance to come completely clean and start working for your respect and trust.

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For your part, you would have to believe that change is possible, and you should give them a window of opportunity. Yes, it would lead to fights, but the one thing, and the one thing only that can help you go past this is the knowledge that you both love each other, and are meant to be with each other.

You need to understand that one mistake doesn’t paint their entire character. And they need to understand that repeated incidents would portray them as someone undeserving of loyalty or trust. Both parties need to come forward and come clean. There can’t be any lies or secrets hidden, for things in the past, especially those hidden, have a way of coming to the forefront again.

Lastly, the question comes, how do you know that your wife is cheating on you? Here are 12 signs to look out for:

1. You don’t seem to have a window into the deeper recesses of her mind. She is closed off to you, not rude, but simply shut down.

2. She doesn’t let you touch her phone. As simple as that. She would change the security, hide it when not using it and shield it while texting someone.

3. She hesitates when commitment comes up. She has never talked about a future together and it is uncertain if she even wants one.

4. She has a guilty conscience, which is why she keeps ranting about how cheating is for the weak and the coward.

5. She suddenly needs a lot of space and alone time away from you.

6. You seem to be having a lot of fights, more than usual. She would also not come back home on certain days, and doesn’t bother telling you why.

7. You would find her lying about the pettiest of stuff.

8. She has decided to invest in shaping herself better. She dresses sexy and fancy.

9. To take the spotlight off of her, she would accuse you of infidelity.

10. She would sometimes validate you more often than not because she is guilt-ridden.

11. She is not emotionally or physically into the relationship.

12. She hates being intimate with you.

Why I cheated on my partner by BuzzFeed:

These are troubling times. Do you want to stay with someone who could possibly think like that? Or do you want to prove that your love is extremely strong? The choice is yours!

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