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11 True Facts About Men That They Hide From Others

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11 True Facts About Men That They Hide From Others

We still do not know so many truths about men and there’s no statistical measure to find that out either. For instance, the truth is, on an average, it is believed that women outlive men in age or that men lie more often than women.

So now we’ve brought you 11 such interesting facts that you didn’t know about men:

1. The nightmares for men are mainly about disasters

The most common nightmares that people have concern health, threats, or death. However, a study in the University of Montreal sampled 10,000 dreams to analyze the way women and men dream. It was revealed that men’s nightmares consist of massive disasters, earthquakes, floods, and gruesome wars, whereas women mostly dream of interpersonal conflicts.

2. To pick up objects, men prefer to bend forward

If you notice carefully, men bend forward to pick something up from the ground whereas women almost always squat. One of the reasons for this difference in posture could be because women usually wear clothes that only let them squat rather than bend. Men are freer in this context.

3. Healthy women are more attractive to men

Blanca Ortega-Roldán Oliva from the University of Granada, through her research proved that men like healthy women over slim ones. This proves that the mythical model of women does not stand true in real life; men appreciate wholesome-looking women.

4. A thumb on the belt is a gesture to attract women

Now, this gesture has been carried down from the early times when men used to signal at their crotch if they were trying to impress her. Since it’s visibly inappropriate, men usually keep their thumbs on the belts of their pants. This pose implies that he’s courageous.

5. Appreciation from the same sex

In Binghamton University, Robert Herbert researched on how compliments sit with men and he found out that men like to receive compliments from men more often than from women. Apparently, it increases their self-esteem to a larger degree.

6. Male friendship is based on common interests

Ronald E Riggio, a PhD scholar, in an article wrote about his research on the way men and women befriend each other. His study concluded that men prefer common interests like golf, tennis, football, etc. to build their friendship. Women, on the other hand, develop the same based on their emotional connection with other women.

7. In the company of women, men eat double the usual amount

A PhD scholar, Kevin Kniffin, Cornell University, in his research found out that the appetite of men increases in the presence of women. For instance, they consume 86% extra salad and 93% extra pizza than they ideally would. According to him, men behave so to form an impression on women.

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8. With increasing age, men prefer loose clothes

Clothes tell a lot about a person and therefore it alters according to the demands of the occasion. Now, while young men can pull off fancy clothes, even if it’s slightly uncomfortable, older men prefer comfort to everything else. So the switch from tight jeans to loose pants is a natural transition as age takes over.

9. A man’s IQ decides his lifestyle

In Stockholm, few scientists from Karolinska Institute proved through their research that the lifestyle choices of men are decided by the person’s IQ, especially in context of alcoholic abuse. They took a sample of 50,000 Swedes that were born during 1949-1951 for this study.

Although people who’ve had an emotionally wrecked past may often take up alcohol abuse, those with a low IQ tend to do so even more. High IQ means a healthy lifestyle choice.

10. Women lie at half the frequency as men

A TV series called Lie to Me (2009) was preceded by a survey by the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment group, in which they found out that on an average, men, in one day tell 6 lies, while women tell only 3.

11. Men’s staring at a woman stretches to approximately a year

Kodak Lens Vision Centers surveyed 3,000 people and found out the followed details about men and women. In a day, a man stares at 10 women and for approximately 43 minutes. In total, it adds to 259 hours (approx. 11 days) every year. Hence, an average man between 18 to 50 years of age admires 11 girls over 11 months.

Whereas, in a day, women check out men for only 20 minutes. And between 18-50 years of age women, they spend just 6 months doing this.

Few of the hotspots for gazing at strangers were discovered to be nightclubs, pubs, and supermarkets.

So, how many of these qualities did you already knew about?

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