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11 Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship


11 Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs, trials and tribulations. Yes, we all discuss our relationships with a few close friends, but hey, there is a limit to it.

Let’s just say, some friends will get kicks out of the pitfalls in your relationship and that’s something to be wary of.

Yes, talking about the issues you face may seem to lighten your burden a bit, but there are always things that should be kept between the two of you.

Here is a list of things that you might want to keep to yourselves:

1. Fights

Yes, it’s okay to inform your friends when a fight with your partner gets you down. But remember, no one can truly understand the situation and its intricacies.

Moreover, friends will always be biased towards one of you.

That might affect the returning-to-normal part a lot.

2. Details

Now there are things (and you know just the ones we mean) about you that you might not want your partner to come to know; especially from a third individual.

This is where healthy communication in the relationship helps: Negates this from happening and also keeps the relationship healthy in general.

3. Issues in the room

Things in the room, intimate things, good or bad, stay in the room.

The fact that you can share such details (even) with friends makes you come off as someone very gullible and naïve; not very attractive as a long term partner to be honest.

4. Personal issues of your partner

When your partner shares details of their personal battles with you, it is the proof of trust.

When you go a-babbling about them to your friends, it translates to how little they actually mean to you.

It is in very simple terms, a breach of privacy.

5. Ex-s

This is redundant information to be honest, even for you.

I mean just enjoy the fact that they are with you instead of fixating their ex-partners.

Bitching about something so personal is DEFINITELY a no-no.

6. Their protestations

You know what will happen when you start complaining to your friends about the little disagreements you face?

They will end up suggesting you break-up because they will naturally assume that you are frustrated with things enough to talk about them so many times.

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7. Comparisons

NEVER compare: ex and present partner/ partner and friend/ friend and ex in public or social gatherings where one of the parties is present.

8. Gifts you don’t like


That way your partner knows better next time.

NEVER go discussing and ridiculing gifts behind your partner’s back. That translates to “you are so dumb you couldn’t even get a gift right.” Appreciate the gesture instead.

9. Weaknesses

This is a two-way street.

Don’t discuss your friends’ weaknesses with your partner and vice versa. It is (again) a simple betrayal of trust.

10. Your partner’s opinion about your friend

In the event of your partner not liking your friend or even the opposite situation, DO NOT TELL THE PERSON IN THE DARK.

Opinion are subjective and biased. And how does it matter if one of them does not like the other? You are all adults and can maintain relationships independently.

Learning to keep friendships and relationships independent of each other is an important skill and can be the difference between a smooth and sweet life and a really sad and lonely one.

11. Monetary issues

This is the trickiest of all issues.

This can and has broken relationships.

Different people have different needs/wants and every relationship can run into this problem.

But this is the exclusive business of the concerned people and NO ONE else.

Look out for these and it can make life a lot simpler.


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