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11 Things We Do Every Day That Destroy Us


11 Things We Do Every Day That Destroy Us

It is only human to err. And no one should be giving themselves a hard time about being less than perfect. However, sometimes, there are a few mistakes that we commit unknowingly, but pay dearly for.

The worst part is, if we are slightly more careful, we could avoid them but, sometimes, we might not be aware of how our tiny actions and thoughts can be dangerous for our well-being. They break our will and confidence and hamper growth.

Here are 11 things we do which destroy us little by little, and we have no one to blame for them but ourselves:

1. Doubting ourselves

None of us is perfect. But that doesn’t mean we should stop ourselves for becoming better than what we were yesterday. However, most of us doubt our skills so much so that we end up doing everything that we were afraid we would. And that brings about even more of this crippling self-doubt.

2. Always comparing ourselves

Now this is something that everyone is guilty of doing. We are always putting ourselves and our success next to someone else and keep feeling bad for ourselves. This is a very negative emotion and stops us from reaching our full potential. Stop looking at others and their achievements and build on yours.

3. Having unfeasible goals

Even when we do decide to bring our lives around and make some positive changes, we set the bar too high. Whether it is in the personal field or professional, we put up unrealistic expectations of growth and when we can’t match up to them (due to obvious reasons), we give up entirely.

4. Becoming obsessed with people or things

We have a really hard time keeping ourselves in control when we like something or someone. This lack of moderation on our part almost always leads to problems. Obsession is just one step away from resentment and many other negative emotions which harm our growth and stops us from being the best version of ourselves.

5. Indulging in self-pity

This is something that is very common and we do it all the time without even realizing that we are indulging in harmful behavior. We are always finding excuses for our defeats and that just makes us stop trying to correct our faults. We spend so much time feeling bad about ourselves that we become blind to our own shortcomings, because we always have an excuse for them.

6. Being too critical on ourselves

In opposition to the previous point, sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. We would criticize ourselves and be negative about everything we do. When we keep saying that we are not good enough for something, how are we ever going to get better?

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7. Not being comfortable in our own skin

Sadly, in the present time where we are bombarded with airbrushed models and instagramers all the time, we become a bit too harsh on our own selves for having less than perfect bodies. And this criticism stops us from pursuing so many better things. We need to be kinder towards ourselves.

8. Our habits

All of us are guilty of indulging in habits that aren’t good, neither for our growth or our health. Whether it be smoking, not eating good or always crossing deadlines, our habits can have a lasting effect on our life and we need to get them in control soon.

9. Pushing away people who matter

We take genuine and caring people for granted and want to have those who don’t care about us at all. In the end, we are left with no one because those who actually cared were driven away because of our own attitude.

10. Not having our priorities in order

Sometimes, even when we are not lazy, we end up falling short of what is really needed to realize our dreams. We don’t know what we really want or how to get it, so we end up wasting time and energy in things that do nothing for us.

11. Adding to our insecurities

Instead of facing and resolving them, we just add further more to our insecurities. This is very dangerous because we always end up feeling that we are not good enough. Negative self talk and focusing too much on one’s drawbacks is very dangerous.

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