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11 Things Most Psychopaths Do That Reveal Their True Personality


11 Things Most Psychopaths Do That Reveal Their True Personality

Psychopaths don’t always leave a trail of clues. In fact, most of them efficiently blend into the normal everyday office-going public.

You might be traveling on the same bus as a psychopath, and actually offer your seat to them.

The predominant image of a psychopath is that of Ted Bundy, or Charles Sobhraj. But the types of psychopaths vary vividly beyond the narrow stream of serial killers.

So, how do you tell your crush apart from somebody who might murder your entire family? Luckily, we have compiled a list of red-flags:

1. They Are Generally Loners

These are the fringe-friends. Adding or subtracting them from a group makes no particular difference. The reason why they are typically friendless is because friendship requires you to open up your heart to other people, which psychopaths cannot afford to do. They don’t really have real friends.

2. They Are Fairly Attractive and Charming

You might be feeling like a nut magnet, but it is all of us. Psychopaths are generally very well-adjusted in social groups, and know how to command the limelight. Unlike the popular stereotype, they do not look like homeless chickens. They are also very charming and people tend to be drawn to them and really like them, until they find out the sad and scary truth.

3. They Do Not Harbor Guilt

See, if a serial killer felt remorseful, then they would not be a serial killer. Even masochism becomes null and void in the face of guilt. You will notice them taking things as they come. Drop a vase, run over a man – it is all the same to them. They also don’t apologize if they ever do you any wrong or hurt your feelings.

4. They Are Major Risk-Takers

These people always go smelling for adventure. Psychopaths love the adrenaline rush, and doing things that are high on the thrill factor. You will see them rushing to do things any sane person would consider crazy because they simply love taking risk – the bigger the better.

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5. They Aren’t Big On Manners

These people are fairly ill-mannered. They are reputed to have the worst manners, and consider themselves above everybody else. They tend to think that literally everything is about them. A common reason that triggers psychotic behavior is the belief that they have been wronged.

6. They Think Very Highly Of Themselves

This comes as no surprise. If you are devoted to setting the world on fire, you must find something terribly wrong with your surroundings. They often feel trapped and deserving of something much greater than they have been given.

7. They Have No Sympathy

The only person they care about is themselves. There is no way on Earth that you can get them to think of charity, or convince them to stand by their allies. Their world is of primary and sole importance to them, and they will do anything to protect it. There is no empathy with them.

8. They Are Extremely Clever

It is a given fact that you cannot be a proper criminal if you are not intelligent. It takes a lot of calculations to dupe the police constantly. To not leave traces, to plan out the perfect crime, to keep yourself safe – only a genius is able to exercise these in perfection. This kind of person unfortunately is one of them.

9. They Blame Others For Everything

As they suffer from an intense feeling of being wronged, they see society as the perpetrator. They never shoulder blame for things that happen to them. You will find them complaining perpetually about everything that they are facing.

10. They Act On Impulse

They have a mind of their own, and run solely by it. You will never be able to show them the ‘right’ way. If they set their mind to jumping of a ledge, they are going to go ahead and do it.

11. They Feel No Shame

They will labor to find justifications for everything they do. You will never find them admitting to their mistake, let alone feel bad for doing something wrong.

Image used: Flickr/Kindness Art

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