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11 Reasons Why The Most Incredible Women Have The Worst Dating Lives


11 Reasons Why The Most Incredible Women Have The Worst Dating Lives

Dating comes with a truckload of issues. We see everyday that some women meet the perfect man and start a relationship that is stable and healthy, but it is not the same for everyone.

More than often, we see that there are women who never seem to meet a nice guy and keep meeting terrible ones that lead them to heartbreak and disaster. We’re often surprised by this because the women who face these things are amazing.

This happens because of a few reasons that you can find below.

1. They Intimidate

Strong women who know what they want and do what they want intimidate men and their egos. It is a well known fact that masculinity cannot deal with too much confidence in the fairer sex. Women who make more money than men or are in a higher position in the hierarchy make them uncomfortable.

2. Independent

Men like to be in a position of power but these amazing women don’t like to be ruled over by someone else. They don’t live their lives trying to please men and only do things for themselves because they know exactly what they want and they know how to get what they want. They put their needs first and live life on their own terms.

3. They Don’t Let You Play Them

These women know when they are being toyed with and take no bullshit. They know their value and will not be treated any less than that. They don’t let anyone in for the second time when they have been played once. They know who jerks are and what they can do, so they steer clear of them.

4. No Tolerance For Bs

These women have no tolerance for any kind of bullshit. As mentioned in the point above, they are not here to play games. They will call you out when you’re doing something jerky and will stand up for themselves because they don’t believe in lowering their worth. They are in it for the long run and will not put up with any nonsense.

5. Weird Quirks

The most fun girls have some weird quirks that set them apart from others. They are not ashamed of being weird and own their quirks. They will not change for someone else so one has to let them be as they will not let someone who doesn’t accept them the way they are in.

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6. They Are Choosy

These women don’t feel the need to be in a relationship and don’t need a male presence in their lives just for the heck of it. They will let someone into their lives only when they feel like they are good enough for them because these women know and understand their value and will settle for nothing less than what they deserve.

7. Intensity

They don’t believe in not speaking their mind. If they like someone, they will be vocal about it and will not hide their feelings. This is sometimes too intense for some people but this is how they function. They don’t beat around the bush and make it a point to communicate effectively.

8. They Are Goal Oriented

Their lives revolve around the goals they have, and they prioritise accordingly. They will not chase their dreams on account of finding love. They will only welcome love in their lives when it fits in with their dreams and goals. They will not give up on what they truly want just to be in a relationship.

9. Maturity

They are always bolder than their years. They are wise and make decisions after weighing everything in so don’t doubt the tough choices that they might make sometimes. They know what they are doing and hence they might take your advice but might not act on it.

10. They Fall Hard

It is not easy to get them to fall in love but once they do they will stand by you through thick and thin and will never abandon you or make you feel unloved or unwanted. When they fall, they fall harder than everyone and stay.

11. They Are Rare

They are rare and hard to find because they are never leisurely hanging around in social places, as they are always giving their goals their best shots and working as hard as they can. You will never find them lazing or wasting time. They are not so common, so when you find a woman like this, hold on to her.

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