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106-Year-Old Centenarian Breaks The World Record In Zip Line


106-Year-Old Centenarian Breaks The World Record In Zip Line

Most people at Jack Reynolds age are ready to lay back and rest but not him.

Born in 1912, this 106 year old English man who now has great-great-grandkids to his name just managed to break a Guinness World Record!

People his age (which happens rarely for a person to be a century old) use wheelchairs to get around, but Reynolds is young at heart! He broke the record for being the oldest person to go zip lining and he did it on the day he turned 106.

Breaking Guinness World Records isn’t a new thing for Jack. Each birthday he’s planned to do something exciting and he’s already broken the records for oldest person to get their first tattoo and oldest person to ride a non-inversion rollercoaster. He broke these records on his 104th and 105th birthdays respectively.

As kind as he is fearless, Jack has used these birthdays and the resulting fame and popularity to help different charities. This year he donated all the proceeds to the Strokes Association.

According to Mark McKinley, a judge from the Guinness World Records who has been there for each of Jack’s feats, this third one is the most impressive of them all.

The excitement on Jack’s face as he zips through the landscape is both heart warming and contagious. It makes you want to go out and do something adventurous no matter how old you are.

He truly proves that you are only as old as you think you are and that age is not a limitation that prevents you from following your dreams.

His family support him in all his endeavours, and his daughter Jayne refers to Jack as her superhero.

When asked about her father’s birthday tradition, she said that he has made up his mind to spend his retired life raising funds for charities. But he’s also determined to have as much fun as he can in the process. Jayne too has started using her birthdays to contribute to deserving causes.

Thanks to Good Morning Britain for these amazing videos:

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