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100-year-old celebrates birthday by running down the hall


100-year-old celebrates birthday by running down the hall

Most of my friends cannot run as much as she does!

Miss Bertie proved on her 100th birthday that age won’t slow her down as she started running down the hallway. Happy birthday!

Bertie was asked: What is it like to be 100 years old?

Miss Bertie says that “it’s wonderful. Just keeping in God’s hands and everything is going to be alright.”

Craig O’Neill, the evening anchor asked Miss Bertie how is she so remarkably fit at the age of 100?

Miss Bertie says: “what did I just say.. just keep you hand in God’s hands and keep for it, everything will be alright.”

Craig asked her what kind of exercises does she practice to stay so fit?

She said that she take her fingers with her cane on her back and she raise her arms up as high as she can, and she does that 15 times in the morning. Then she turn her fingers on the same thing and does 15 times more. Then she turns back and does the same thing 15 times. (she describes the exercises in the video)

Craig jokes about her exercise routine in a positive way by asking her:

“If they came out with an exercise program that was called miss Bertie’s exercise program; live to be the age of 100… do you think that would work?”

Miss Bertie says with a laugh: I believe it would.

Thanks to THV11 for this amazing video!

Watch the incredible video bellow:

100-year-old celebrates birthday by running down the hall

Happy 100th birthday Miss Bertie! She celebrated by running down the hall for Craig O'Neill to show age won't slow her down! 🎂🎂

Posted by THV11 on Friday, June 15, 2018

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