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10 Uncomfortable Signals You’re Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To Be


10 Uncomfortable Signals You’re Becoming The Person You’re Supposed To Be

Over the course of your life, you are molded by the people you meet, the situations you face. Eventually, you evolve as the person you were always meant to be, the real you.

A lot of people do not realize what is happening to them when they undergo this transformation. It makes them uncomfortable. For you to know that you are heading towards your real self, these 10 signs will suffice.

1. You feel independent and often feel secluded

As you grow older, you naturally become more independent. It doesn’t feel like you can delegate the work you are capable of doing on your own. You would feel more relaxed in your own company, isolated from others. These feelings foster a sense of satisfaction and independence in you.

2. You embrace the fact that you have issues of your own

A step towards becoming your true self is acknowledging the problems you have which disrupt your emotional and psychological well-being. You will accept the situations which cause an imbalance and put efforts to conquer them.

3. You feel like you need to cut-off unnecessary relationships

Maturity is also realizing that not everyone you call your friend is a friend. With time, as you move towards adult life, you start segregating your acquaintances into those you would like to hold on to and those you need to let go of. You might feel guilt or disappointment for leaving these people behind but you realize that it’s important for your own growth.

4. Trusting people becomes hard

Growing up, we often meet broken trusts, empty promises and disloyalty. We grow skeptical of most people around us except for those who we find truly honest and faithful. Life lets you down so many times that you learn not to trust just anyone until they have proven otherwise.

5. Your life continually seems boring to you

It is quite impossible to feel satisfied as you will always want something more. As you go about your day, wondering about the monotonous life you are living, you will be asking yourself what’s next. The boredom is partly due to the unnecessary drama you will be avoiding.

6. You are precisely aware of feeling sad

There is no grey area; you will either feel too lively at some days and, at others, you will feel like things can’t possibly go any more wrong. You have been through heartbreaks, failures and disappointments. The awareness that life isn’t always cheerful will set in and you will realize that pain is a lesion. You will grow out of it.

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7. There is a constant feeling that time is short

We all know just how fast time is flying by but, when you start becoming your true self, you just feel like 24 hours a day aren’t enough at all. You aren’t getting enough sleep but you aren’t getting everything else done either. It’s like you always have too much on your plate and too little time to get it all done. You are, however, determined to get things done.

8. You regret past mistakes

When you are a step closer to becoming our supposed self, you will realize the mistakes you have made in the past. You will acknowledge the bad decisions you have made and regret. However, there will also be realization that regret is pointless. You will work towards learning from them and not repeating them.

9. Nostalgia takes over you

A lot of hard times come along growing up; it isn’t always rainbows and roses. During problematic times, you look back to the happy times of childhood and the moments spent with your loved ones. You become very nostalgic, remember the good days you spent earlier in your life. It is more of a mechanism to cope up with the changes of today.

10. You feel lost and anxious about your future

On the outside, you look very determined but, at times, you fail to understand the purpose of your life. You struggle and become insecure of the decisions you make about your future. In the end though, you know you will come through and fulfill all the responsibilities. Uncertainty is surely there but so is the belief that things will go just as they are supposed to.

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