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10 Things Your Mom Never Told You

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10 Things Your Mom Never Told You

When I first discovered that I was pregnant, I had to check a couple of times to be sure. And when I finally processed that the stick did have two small lines on it, I could feel my life begin to change. I was over the moon but I was also terrified at the thought of becoming a mother. It’s something I had planned for years, but now that the moment had finally arrived, all that careful planning went right out of my head.

The birth of my child set me on a path that has been both incredibly tiring, as well as intensely joyful. Bringing up my child is the most satisfying experience I have ever had. I’ve now learned what it is to be a mom. And through that process, I’ve also become more grateful to my own mother and more appreciative of everything she did for me.

I understood that kids don’t actually know a lot about what their mothers have done for them. Keep reading to learn all about the things your mother never said out loud.

1. She’s shed many tears because of you

She shed tears when her pregnancy was confirmed, when she brought you into the world, and the first time you were placed in her arms. She shed tears of pure joy. But she’s also shed tears of pain and frustration and stress. She’s shared all your joys and sorrows.

2. She did want that remaining bit of cake

She loves dessert too but when you looked at that cake with longing and licked your lips in anticipation, there was no way she could have denied you that happiness. She found a lot more pleasure in knowing that you were happy.

3. You’ve caused her pain

When you tugged her hair, when you dug your little nails into her, when you first learned how to bite, when you were kicking around in her womb, when her body grew to accommodate you, all of these things were painful for her but her love for you surpassed all of that.

4. She fears for you

As soon as she brought you into the world, she started readying herself to guard you. She was your guardian angel. She always felt little prickles of fear when someone else wanted to lift you up because she feared that they might be careless. She watched you when you began to walk for fear that you would fall. No matter how much you grow, she’ll always be there looking out for you.

5. She understands her mistakes

She’s well aware that she is flawed like all human beings but she is also very hard on herself, especially when it is a matter that concerns you. She wished to be the best mother ever but she’s gone wrong a few times and forgiveness has been a long, uphill battle. She has regrets but she did all that she could.

6. She’s stayed up a lot for you

You’d keep her up till the wee hours of the morning by refusing to go to sleep despite her singing all your favorite lullabies and practically begging you to sleep. But when you actually did drift off, she’d just stay there to marvel at your cute little face and feel the intense love that only a mother can feel for her child.

7. She didn’t stop carrying you after she gave birth

Every time you wanted your mother, she was there. She’d carry you around while she was cleaning, eating, sleeping, whenever you cried for her. No matter how much her body ached, she’d still hold you because she knew you needed her. She gave you all her love and kisses so that you’d be at peace.

8. It pained her whenever you shed tears

Every time you started to cry, her heart would break too. She did her very best to dry your tears and when she wasn’t able to, it hurt her worse than anything else.

9. You came before everything else

Her own health and hunger did not matter to her as much as you did. She’d spend all her time keeping you comfortable and by nightfall, she’d be too tired to care for herself. But she’d start the whole cycle over the next day because she loves you that much.

10. She’d repeat the whole thing again

It’s hard to be a mother and she’s probably been pushed to her limit more than once. But despite all the worry and the pain, you also gave her more happiness than she ever imagined she could feel and that made everything better. Remember to be grateful to her for all that she did for you.

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