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10 Things You Never Realized Were The Side Effects Of Being An Empath


10 Things You Never Realized Were The Side Effects Of Being An Empath

We, as humans, aren’t just the only longest living civilization on this planet because of our two opposing thumbs. It has a lot to do with our intricate brain architecture, helping us to carry on with the real world. Just like our physical senses, we are born with mental muscles like empathy, love, affection, care etc. Empathy is the most crucial of them all. It is the ability to find echoes of others emotions in you. Without it, the world as we know would have been even more chaotic and a mess with no remorse.

As quoted by Daniel H. Pink – “Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes

Being an empath is a stressful job for which you don’t often receive enough appreciation and with every superpower comes its own set of cons. Here are 10 things you never realized were the side effects of being an empath:

1. Hypersensitive to emotions

Empaths are hypersensitive beings who feel every emotion too deeply. This often causes issues in your day to day life. For people who can’t relate, let me explain extreme sensitivity. For example, whatever emotion you are feeling, try to multiply the intensity of that emotion by ten times more. Therefore, the vulnerable factor due to emotional stress is also a pretty constant thing.

2. Emotion absorbents

You are ‘sponge like’ to emotions. Since you are often surrounded by people and their issues, you tend to pick up others emotions. It is a fact in human society that we pick up traits of people we surround ourselves with. But with empathizers, it is on a completely different level. Because of that, you are very careful with who you mix.

3. You belong to no place

Your heart does not have a home. It wanders. And unlike dust, it fails to settle anywhere. You can really love a place but after a certain period of time, you start feeling absolutely foreign to it. You are never completely satisfied with one place and your intuition constantly provokes you to explore more.

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4. The desire to make the world a better place

Probably the most important goal of an empath is to change the world. You have an overwhelming desire to bring positive changes in the world. This happens because you think more deeply than others and are able to identify the wrongs happening around. You fail to turn a blind eye to issues and are adamant about correcting follies.

5. Believer of the gut

Call it gut or intuition, an empath feels it vividly. You are unable to avoid what you feel within and hence choose to be careful about things rather than being ignorant of it. An empath can stand against the world only to trust their intuition.

6. Relationships overwhelm you

You have always been the giver and so you don’t really know how to accept love and affection. You are scared of vulnerability and are overwhelmed when you bond with a particular someone. You experience so many emotions, that feeling one particular emotion vividly scares you. Let’s face it, you are scared of not receiving the love back with the same intensity so you avoid expecting.

7. Negative people always find their way into your life

The law of attraction perfectly fits in this context. You attract what is absolutely opposite of you. Negative people come to you looking for affection and positivity. No denying, it often becomes too much for you to carry on your shoulders which is why you are very careful about who you share your energy with.

8. You love nature

You are the child of wilds. You believe that nature is the best stress reliever and while everyone comes to you for help, you reach out to nature for peace and solace.

9. Heart bigger than most

It is very clear by now that you are more human than most humans. You genuinely care about people and do not fake emotions. You firmly believe that if you do good, good shall happen to you.

10. You Have Trouble Separating Your Feelings From Others

We all know that empaths keep their crowd small. But the lesser known fact is that once an empath connects with someone, they have a tough time letting go of that person. You know how rare good people are so you do not want to lose one when you find one.

If you could relate, THANK YOU, EMPATH. You are valued and we need more of you to make this world a better place.

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