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10 Things Every Empath Will Try To Hide From You

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10 Things Every Empath Will Try To Hide From You

Being around an empath is a very enriching experience.

Empaths can make connections innately because they feel a special bond with the people they are around and can sense their thoughts and suffering in themselves. To them, emotion or feeling is literally contagious.

They are also for the same reason branded as someone who can’t take anything frivolously and someone who is “too sensitive”. Thing is what most of us don’t understand is that they don’t show sympathy, that is care, concern and a certain patronising hope that the other person will be okay, but can actually feel the other person’s pain.

It is now scientifically proven that a certain kind of brain cells are correlated to empathy and when an empath is in an emotionally heightened state, these cells become hyper-active.

As a result of their intense connections however, empaths often suffer stigma and pains of separation.

Consequently they often try to hide their ability and conform to their peers.

Since empaths experience the emotions of other people almost as strongly as they experience their own emotions, they need to be very careful of the emotions they will encounter.

Here are ten things you might need to look out for to spot an empath:

1. Sensitivity

Needless to repeat, empaths are very sensitive and it is the same sensitivity that gives them the strength to heal emotional scars.

They also have self-doubt often and will often try and hide their own pain and sensitivity just to not be a burden to their peers.

2. Ability to absorb emotions

In laymen’s terms, empaths feel happy when the people around are happy and sad or even pained when the ones around are feeling either of those feelings.

These bonds are so strong that they quite literally feel what the other person is feeling.

3. Introversion

Since they are so closely connected to their emotions, Empaths often take a break by being a bit closed up.

Otherwise they will feel emotionally drained.

4. Connection to nature

It’s not just people empaths feel connections to. Nature and in general the whole universe to them is something to be synchronised with.

They draw a lot of their energies from the positive vibes that open, sunny areas provide.

People like Thoreau too spoke about the benefits of contact with natural surroundings; and here we are discussing empaths, who are especially good at bonding with things.

5. Ability to detect lies

Because of their ability to feel what others feel, it is easy for empaths to see through people. This is also what makes them excellent judges of character.

And it makes them experts at lie detection because they can read your thoughts on your face.

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6. Giving too much

The fact that they are responsible for a lot of people’s well-being does not deter empaths from it though.

They actually feel guilty whenever they withdraw to rejuvenate their abilities.

While in the process of taking care of others they forget about their own selves totally and risk serious health issues.

7. Heightened intuition

They are also connected to their gut feelings intensely and will take its advice whenever making important decisions.

This is characteristic to empaths because they are all about emotional energies and intuitive creativity.

8. Tendency to get overwhelmed and stressed out

Because of their highly emotional nature, empaths tend to get overwhelmed very easily.

Not just that, but the more friends an empath has, the more responsibilities they take on their shoulders; it is only obvious that such continuous emotional multitasking tires them out.

9. Easy to take advantage of

They are naïve and quite gullible as they hardly see the bad side of things. As a result, they attract emotional parasites who leave them scarred.

10. Ability to love deeply

This doesn’t really need much elaboration.

Empaths love deeper than others just like they feel any other emotion more intensely than others. This makes them nourishing partners.

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