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10 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent And You May Not Even Realize It


10 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent And You May Not Even Realize It

There are some signs and things that people do that shows that they are more intelligent than others. Intelligent people are not afraid to be self-critical and they know that there is always more to learn and there is more to what they already know.

There are some more characteristics and signs that show that someone is an intelligent person. Check out the list and see if you are one of them!

1. You know and understand your own limitations and ignorance

You know that there is always something more to learn and thus you never think that you have known enough. You never overestimate your own knowledge and that allows you to keep things in perspective. Many people who want others to think of them as smart humans pretend to be a know-it-all. But all that does is make it obvious how shallow your knowledge pool really is.

2. You always want to know more

Since you already understand that there is no way that you will ever know everything there is to know, so you make sure that you are always learning about new things. Being curious about little things in life (like how a certain thing works) or the big ones (who are we, what is the purpose of life) enhance your intellect.

3. You understand other people a lot better than they understand you

You are more mature and intelligent than them. This is why sometimes you even complete their sentences because you are able to understand their emotions and thus can judge what they have in mind.

4. You are extremely self-disciplined

Having difficulty in controlling your impulses has never been a problem for you. This is because you always weigh the pros and cons of a situation before you make a decision. Not only does it require higher intellect to know what is better for you, but also great self control to stop yourself from doing it anyway.

5. Being open to alternative viewpoints rather than insisting upon being right always

If a person is ready to listen to the other side of the story, they are wise enough. Truly smart people know that nothing is set in stone and there can be multiple aspects to the same thing and so they are willing to find them out. They know that their knowledge can never be complete, and thus cannot be the absolute truth.

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6. You love eating chocolates

Chocolates are deeply connected with higher intelligence because of a compound named as flavanols. There is enough research data present to show that chocolate can enhance your cognitive functionality including memory and attention.

7. You spend quite a lot of time procrastinating

It might be strange for many to see procrastination being counted as positive attribute but it really is true. Putting off this game imply that you can set your priorities according to your own needs. It also means that you are not stupid enough to start everything the minute it is assigned to you. Rather you research about it and then take the most effective route according to you.

8. You want complete peace and quiet for your work

All great intellectuals such as Darwin, Chekhov and Kafka too preferred to work on their own. The reason being, you are much more susceptible to different noises and sensations than any individual intellectual. You are able to process more than one thing at a time and thus it gets difficult for you to concentrate on one thing when everything going around you is in such a daze.

9. You can relate seemingly different things by finding common patterns and such

You think of distant connections between things that seemed to be alien to each other. This is a sign of a gifted brain to be able to discern the similarities when everyone was focusing on the differences.

10. You don’t need constant company for validation and peace

You are happy being left on your own because you know you make for an excellent company. You don’t get bored when you have no one to talk to because there are a million things going through your mind to occupy your time and attention.

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