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10 Signs The Two Of You Are Meant To Be Together


10 Signs The Two Of You Are Meant To Be Together

Love is love, and it is one of the most powerful and empowering feelings in the world. It makes us go the extra mile for the person we love, and it brings forth a contentment that grounds us to what matters most. This profound feeling is something that binds us to each other in ways nothing else can.

Once you are in love, the worries are bound to come along too. Are you two people meant to be? Will this relationship survive the test of time? Does this bring more trouble than what it’s worth? The questions never seem to stop swirling, and rightly so.

If you have been wondering about these things, let us put your mind at ease. If you wish to know whether you and your partner are meant to be together, if your love will survive, look out for the following signs in your relationship:

1. Your love is meant to be if both of your secrets are safe with each other

You and your partner feel secure while sharing your secrets with each other. This is because of the bond of trust you have formed between you both. You both trust each other more than anyone in the world and that is a strong foundation for a long and healthy relationship.

2. Your love is meant to be if both of you don’t wish to change each other

There is mutual love and respect for each other’s personality. Both of you love each other for what you are and not for what you might become. Even if there are some behavioral aspects you both might not like in each other, you still love each other instead of constantly prodding to change it.

3. Your love is meant to be if you both feel comfortable being your natural self around each other

There is no pretense when you both are around each other. You know each other inside out and thus don’t feel the need to be overtly guarded. You can be yourself and be confident that your partner accepts and loves you the way you are.

4. Your love is meant to be if even your silences are meaningful

Constant speech is not necessary for you both. You are equally happy and peacefully together even without saying a single word. Enjoying each other’s company in silence is as satisfying as a heart to heart talk.

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5. Your love is meant to be if there is no jealousy of each other’s friends of the opposite gender

The trust you both have stands tall through every situation. There is no jealousy when your partner wishes to hang out with their friends of the opposite sex. Both of you willingly give each other a healthy space for growth.

6. Your love is meant to be if you both give sufficient space to each other

A healthy relationship is nurtured only when each individual is given his or hers space to grow. Your love will stand the test of time if none of you are possessive to the extent of getting controlling.

7. Your love is meant to be if your families know both of you well

The introductions have been done and you feel accepted by your partner’s family. This is an important milestone, as introducing family into the equation strengthens the fact that you both are serious about each other.

8. Your love is meant to be if disagreements are expressed and understood between you

There is mutual respect for each other’s opinions even if you might not agree with it. Disagreements are natural and you treat it so, and you are not scared to express it since you know your partner will understand your point of view too.

9. Your love is meant to be if you both can envision a future together

Your plans for your future naturally includes your partner in them now. This has happened as a natural progression to your relationship. You both can’t imagine a future without each other.

10. Your love is meant to be if no fight or disagreement has ever been able to tear you apart

Arguments and disagreements are a part and parcel of every relationship. Both of you have never let it overpower your love and let it drive a wedge between you. You have your own way of dealing with it with an understanding that sorts the issue without any bitterness.

These are just a few of the things that stand as an indication for a happy and long relationship. You can look out for indications which are personally important for you and mark your relationship as strong and worth the effort. After all, love is not a singular idea, it is an amalgamation of different little ones.

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