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10 Key Activities To Create Unbreakable Trust in A Relationship


10 Key Activities To Create Unbreakable Trust in A Relationship

Trust is truly the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Most relationships fail because the people involved in it cannot trust each other. Such a lack of trust fosters vulnerabilities and negative thoughts. 

These negative thoughts feed upon your relationship and finally kill it. Truth is necessary, not only in your romantic relationships but also in every other sphere of your life.  

Moreover, it promotes the secretion of happiness-inducing hormones like oxytocin

That being said, you must keep in mind that trust needs to be built consistently. You have to do certain things in order to garner solid trust in your relationships. 

Here’s a list of 10 such things that you must do:

1. Priority

Whenever you are setting your priority list, make sure you assign a high rank to your relationship. You have to give adequate importance to your partner so that they feel loved.

2. Honesty

In any relationship, you have to be completely honest about who you are. Only then will your relationship be successful and you’d have the transparency needed for building the trust.

3. Communication

No matter where your relationship stands, communicating with your partner is of utmost importance. There must always be scope for the two of you to express your heartfelt desires, concerns, and sorrows. In a way, companionship is the basis of trust.

4. Choose your words carefully

Always remember that your partner is just as much human as you are. They have their own issues and also their pains. Whenever you say something to them, especially when you are angry, take care not to hurt their sentiments as much as you possibly can.

5. Friendship

Now, isn’t it obvious that you wouldn’t be able to trust a person who is not much of a friend to you? More so when it comes to trusting them with your truly personal feelings and desires. In a way, you’re exposing your true inner-self to your partner. For this to be easy, there needs to be a strong underlying friendship. The case is no different for your partner.

6. Dependability

Let’s say a person, your partner in this case, is ready to invest their trust in you. In my opinion, there’s more to it than just what your partner wants. You have to be responsible and dependable enough to be able to safely hold on to that trust. In short, it’s essential that you are trustworthy when your turn comes. Otherwise, your partner wouldn’t be able to trust you, even if they wholeheartedly want to.

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7. Mutual learning

You must always be open to learning from your partner. It’s absolutely alright to be influenced by them sometimes. When you both take turns at bowing down to the other, you foster a sense of mutual respect. Only then neither of you will consider yourself as being above the other. Such equality is imperative for a healthy, trusting relationship.

8. Repairing

In any relationship, it’s perfectly alright to have disagreements or even fights. The essential point is to repair the damage caused by these. The only way to do it is to let go of your ego. Whenever you hurt your partner, you’d do good to tell them that you are sorry. Obviously, this has to happen both ways.

9. Responsibility

During the bad phases of your relationship, you have to take adequate responsibilities to make it work again. You’ve got to try your best. By responsibility, in this case, I mean emotional, physical, and mental awareness and the will to make it alright.

10. Positivity

Sometimes, a touch of positivity is all it needs. You’d obviously be hurting your partner time and again. These are rather insignificant, as long as you otherwise instill enough positive energy into your relationship. Moreover, you have to look at the positive aspects of your partner and not just focus on their negative sides. In turn, your partner has to do the same.

In all, establishing and maintaining trust is something that should always be placed at the forefront of any relationship. Other things would automatically fall into their place if your relationship is based on a solid foundation of trust and love.

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