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10 Brutal Truths About Life That We All Need to Accept


10 Brutal Truths About Life That We All Need to Accept

We all have heard life lessons from people around us. From our grandmother to a practical stranger on the bus, everyone has imbued some little nugget of wisdom to you. So why don’t you actually start paying attention to them! Instead of fighting life, go along with it.

Here are some of those truths which you should (re)learn and accept:

1. Value yourself

You must know and value yourself before you expect anything from others. You should be aware of your talents, passions and desires. Do not depend on other people to awaken you from the inside, rather go ahead and explore your soul. Know your worth; don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

2. Unpredictable and uncertain life

One of the most challenging aspects of life is its unpredictability. You can never surely measure what is going to happen next. The world is changing at a rapid rate leading to great existential dilemma. If you accept the uncertainty and unpredictable nature of life then it’ll prove to be highly advantageous.

3. Accept failure

We cannot succeed at all times. Learn to accept failure in a positive way. If you never fail then how can you handle success effectively? Failure makes one humble; it keeps us grounded when success gives us wings to fly. Learn your lessons from your failures and keep bouncing back stronger than ever.

4. Material possessions

Possessions does not define life. Sure, they are necessary but they do not define what life is. Try to build meaningful relationships with people on the basis of love and care. Material possessions are temporary, and since we live in such an uncertain world it is better to not form attachment with tangible goods.

5. Action vs. Inaction

Spending more time on thinking things rather than doing them will keep you stuck in your current position. Think things through but also try to work on them. You can’t sit on your hands forever and expect life to award you with success. Take that step! Make that move you have been long waiting for.

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6. Forgive people

Forgiving people can be very hard but it is good for inner peace and harmony. Life will not stop for you or for anyone. So it’s better to get along with it in the forward direction. It’s very easy to remember: Forgive, Forget, Move On.

7. You make your own life

You are the driver behind the wheel when it comes to your life. Other people can do backseat driving by telling you what you should and shouldn’t to do. But you have to take the ultimate step. It all depends on you, whether you want to speed ahead or hit the brakes.

8. Let go of some people

It’s not that hard to understand that some people are just not meant for you. Instead of dragging any relationship for the sake of it, drop the baggage and move ahead where endless possibilities are awaiting you.

9. Being busy vs. Being productive

You might be busy playing games on your phone, but are you being productive? Add some knowledge and creativity to your life if you really want to be productive. Don’t pretend to look busy in order to feel superior to others. You are only wasting your time.

10. YOLO (you only live once)

Yes, life is short. All the points mentioned above are summed up in this simple sentence. Make the best of your time, energy, love and money. Stop wasting them on worthless people and activities.

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