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Tips and Tricks to Turn On Each Type of Woman According to Her Zodiac Sign


Tips and Tricks to Turn On Each Type of Woman According to Her Zodiac Sign

Everyone is attracted to different things and knowing exactly what will work for someone is what the art of seduction is all about.

You might not know this, but a girl’s zodiac sign has a lot of influence on their likes and dislikes, as well as what turns them on.

Read on to know what would pique the interest of your love interest.


They are very intense, passionate and can never get enough. It goes extremely well with them when you decide to take the first step. And don’t forget to keep complimenting them every now and again! Also, if you can keep them intellectually stimulated, you have pretty much hit the jackpot.


A Taurus is not in it for a casual fling. Don’t rush into everything and let them enjoy every step of the process. Make them feel valued and get them beautiful stuff which they will appreciate. And when you finally get inside the sheets with them, keep your energy high because you two are going to be there for a while.


Gemini tend to be sapiosexuals; that is they get turned on by intellect. Talk to them about things you have in depth knowledge of because they are hungry for information. They are also quirky and would love to experiment in the sex scene, so things like phone sex or sexting should not come as a surprise. Be creative, and trust that they will love it!


A Cancer will definitely not rush into anything. You will have to serenade them, and take things very slow. Do small romantic acts which will help them get off their shells! And even when they are ready to get intimate, be more caring and loving than passionate. Intimate conversations, light kisses and touches are the way to slowly but surely get there. They prefer things the old-school way.

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Leos have an ego the size of a massive football field and you need to feed it if you want to get anywhere near them. If they see that you’ve made them the center of your world, they will also reciprocate. The only things you need to be careful about is their views and thinking of monogamy, so try to be careful and enjoy their time with them while you have it.


Virgos have a reputation for always being prim and proper and that is how they want their partners to be as well. Maintain good hygiene at all costs if you want to impress them. Asking them to help organize stuff for you can be a good ice breaker.


While trying to seduce a Libra, try to steer clear from extremes. Don’t be too intent and neither too passive in showing them you are interested. They also face a lot of inner turmoil because of their insecurities, so you should make sure they feel loved.


While seducing a Scorpio, prepare for the wildest ride you have ever had. They are intensely passionate and if they sense your advances and reciprocate them, they might soon take over the entire business from you. They are the ones who dominate and sex with them is definitely a crazily awesome affair. Being with a Scorpio is something you won’t ever forget.


While seducing a Sagittarius, don’t go in all guns blazing or you might scare them off. They appreciate wit and humor so bring out your wittiest one-liners and make them laugh.


They love it when things are in order and have some sort of structure to them. So plan out your encounters. Always have something new in store for them and there will come a point when they will be craving the next meeting and taking things a bit further.


They can be difficult to seduce so you will always have to be on your toes. They appreciate it when one can stimulate their mind, so you can start from there.


They are a sucker for romance and would always be one step ahead of you in making the other feel loved. Match their affection at every step. Sex with them would be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.

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