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The Top 50 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old


The Top 50 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

No matter how interesting life is, it is almost always cut short by Death.

The Greeks called it dik; this was Nature’s force continually knocking down human ingenuity (technē) despite its efforts to stand back up.

Death will catch-up with you, that’s for sure. No one’s an immortal in the tangible sense. Your soul can’t go binge-drinking with your friends after you die.

So here are 50 things that you should be doing before you die and things you might regret in your deathbed if you aren’t doing them.

1. Not falling in love

Out of all things human, love is the emotion that makes you the most human. It is inexplicable and it is what makes humans different from the animal world. Romantic love is one of those wonderful learning curves; it doesn’t matter if you are successful or not.

2. Being an indoors person

The number of sights the world has to offer are huge. Travel, solo if possible, with friends if not. See, learn and absorb.

3. Being a monolingual person

Learn a new language and explore the world better. Speak to new people in their language and sing your heart out.

4. Having no time for the ones that love you

Bad thing to do. People meet people and the people grow apart in most cases. Cherish every moment you have with them, for it is a sure thing that you will miss them when it’s time to go.

5. Not pursuing the one you liked

Crushes are meant to be pursued. Let’s keep it at that.

6. Never having a hobby

This means you never really spent much time on yourself, did you.

7. Bad food habits

You will feel it in your bones when you are dying.

8. Not having enough sex

Do things at the age they are meant to be done. It gets difficult with age.

9. Playing safely

Calculated risks are a must if one is to live their life fully.

10. Taking risks without proper calculation

These can actually cut your life way too short.

11. Keeping toxic people around

Not worth it.

12. Spending time with a partner who is toxic

Love is meant to be enjoyable and not toxic. Not worth it.

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13. Staying indoors every night

Doesn’t need to be daily but some partying is necessary.

14. Being too busy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

15. Not living in the present

Cherish the gift.

16. Half-assing

Some things just require your full-on attention and concentration.

17. Making excuses to yourself

Out of all people, you need to stop lying to yourself.

18. Not being more social

You will regret not having friends at your side.

19. Not being decisive

If you let others decide what your life’s going to be, it’s not your life is it.

20. Not being thrifty

You will regret it on the rainy days.

21. Being miserly

There’s a difference being thrifty and being Smaug with all that gold.

22. Not switching your staple foods

There are so many tastes to be tasted.

23. Not being responsible for yourself

Again, if others watch out for you all the time, it’s not really your life, is it?

24. Being stuck in a job you hate

It’s one life.

25. Not letting your emotion out every once in a while

You aren’t a rock, are you?

26. Never reflecting

You don’t get to know yourself fully.

27. Pretending

Not really living your life, are you?

28. Committing

Put a ring on it, if you love it.

29. Not being grateful

You will regret not seeing them smile.

30. Not admitting love while the people are around

Because one day they will leave and that’s for sure.

31. Not changing your preference in music

The world of music is magical. Don’t’ stick to one genre only.

32. Giving in to your phobias

Fight against them.

33. Giving up

“Rage against the dying of the light.”

34. Playing the blame game

Take up the helm of your life yourself.

35. Not appreciating nature

Read Thoreau’s Walden and you’ll know what we mean.

36. Not reaching for the stars

You’ll regret living a mediocre life.

37. Being conceited

You’ll regret not speaking your mind.

38. Following the tribe

You’ll regret not swimming against the tribe.

39. Not loving enough

Your heart will be full to the brim with love to give and regret to feel.

40. Not following your calling

You’ll regret not having a passionate life.

41. Taking that one large gamble

You’ll regret not doing it, which is worse than regretting doing it.

42. Pitying yourself

Remember, someone always had it worse.

43. Worrying

Life’s too short to spend worrying.

44. Clinging to material objects

You will regret not cultivating healthier emotional bonds.

45. Holding on to grudges

Life is too short to keep on obsessing over how to screw someone over.

46. Not being charitable

You’ll regret never being human enough.

47. Not listening to your elders

You’ll regret too many decisions to keep a count of.

48. Smoking/Drinking

You’ll regret the years you could have lived.

49. Caring too much about what others think of you

Again, not fully living your life, are you.

50. Not appreciating your present state

You’ll regret not being grateful because one day you will lose everything anyway.

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