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Spiritual Meanings Behind Physical Aches, Pain And Sickness


Spiritual Meanings Behind Physical Aches, Pain And Sickness

We have heard over and over again that everything happens for a reason. What you didn’t know is that it also applies to physical pain. If you’ve ever wondered why the sudden pain, there is a message hidden behind it.

Here is the mystery behind it:

Head (hair)

Social statement – the way in which you wear your hair says quite a lot about you. It is a person’s statement to society. It is also a sexual attractant. The ‘tonsure’ or Franciscan-style skull-cap baldness tendency in men, gives an image of themselves to the public as a peace-loving and kind individual. Hair loss may occur when dealing with sudden changes in self-image, often due to traumatic experiences that challenge one’s previous self statement. Genetic factors too play a vital role.


Spiritual Sensitivity – the living tissue of the body is associated with higher truths. Strong psychic phenomenons that are difficult to deal with and trigger a sympathetic development of skin causes distress to the scalp.


Social Sensitivity – it is an extremely sensitive area and when distressed, breaking out into eczema, rashes or more serious skin conditions. It can occur in people that are sensitive to big crowds and too many interactions.

Brain and nervous system

Information processing – the brain is truly the center of activity as it receives factual inputs deciding how we shall react. Migraine headache to spinal meningitis or other brain and spinal conditions can result from information overload.

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Psychic self-containment – who we are is reflected in the bones of the skull. Any trauma, injury or illness affecting this area curbs all means of remaining true to one’s unique being and triggers identity crisis.


Showing one’s feelings – suppressing one’s emotions can lead to various unwanted conditions on the face, ranging from partial paralysis to inflammations, rashes, neurological ticks or other abnormalities. Expressing ones emotions in challenging situations is the only possible cure.


Getting the message – you’d feel disconnected from the world had you failed to hear. Earaches, tinnitus, inner-ear infections or hearing-loss, indicate a ‘message-barrage’ which we fail to deal with. Children experience ‘input-overload earache’ from responding and dealing with too many simulations at once. Auditory abnormalities also indicate unusual psychic states, where one can communicate with spirits too.


Recognizing objective facts – sometimes we do not believe something unless we see it for ourselves. Conflict between our inner vision and objective facts often strain the optical nerves causing pain, impaired vision or other abnormalities. Hallucinations, clairvoyance or ‘divine visions’ have much to do with insight and challenge the notions of reality.


Psychic soundboards – there is a thin line between what we say and what we want to say. Sinus cavities in the face and skull can have a sympathetic response in the form of pressure, blockage and infection, indicating the hidden emotional messages between words. The only cure is open communication in such cases.


Testing the air around us – it is the most direct sensory pathway into the brain and smell informs us on an instinctive or “animal” level of our safety, social welcome and natural association with others. When neglecting the sense, there is sympathetic response in the form of nose bleeding, blockage, pressure or other afflictions to the nasal cavity and linings. The cure is to surround yourself with smells that feel like home.


Social invitation – lips indicate a plethora of emotions by smiling or frowning, open with anticipation or trembling. When our feelings toward others are severely traumatized, we may experience a sympathetic response in the form of cold sores, blisters, inflammations or impaired nerve control of the lips and mouth. One has to work on his social desirability and ‘clean the air’ through communication.

Mouth, teeth, gums

Incoming of wealth – incoming refers to our basic need here, meaning consumption of food. When we are undergoing financial stress, we may experience a sympathetic response in the form of pain, infections or other trauma to the teeth, gums or inner mouth regions. Reduction of stress by adequate planning is helpful in such cases.


Keeping your head straight – misaligned bones, nerve pain or difficulty when moving the head can result from the classic disparity between idea and reality. The only cure in to curb the tension.

Throat and larynx

Keeping or getting it out – the primary function of this part is swallowing and also expressing. Sometimes we swallow our own words or even someone else’s words resulting in sore throat, laryngitis (loss of voice) or even difficulty with the swallow reflex. Getting pent up emotions out of your system can help.


Bearing the load – pain, loss of strength or nerve conditions to the shoulder areas is a clear indication of excess ‘load’ or responsibilities. Often, we cannot prioritize our real responsibilities and those thrust upon us, becoming burden which we bear. Ponder over your work and do what you need to.


Reaching out to others – how much we socialize or let people in our worlds depends on us and on them. Pain, weakness, numbness or other distress to the arms are a result of toxicity in relationships. It is necessary to take steps and identify the source while working on solving it.


The social pose – have you noticed that while some are limp-wristed, some are hand-fluttering and others stiff-armed? This shows our varied social pose and its injury causes pain, inflamed joints, weakness or other abnormalities to the wrist. Rebuilding self-confidence and social poise can be of help.

Hands and fingers

Tools of trade – hands symbolize labor or our profession. Any discomfort in that sphere shows a sympathetic response in the form of pain, weakness or other distress to the hands. It calls for measured career choices or change.

Ribs and torso

One’s personal boundaries – when our personal space is invaded, we experience a sympathetic response in the form of injury, pain or other distress to the rib cage and surrounding muscles. Sometimes, we need to adapt to changes and take steps to be less rigid, setting workable boundaries.


Personal breathing room – smothered personal space or unable to distance oneself from toxic people trigger a sympathetic response from the lungs and bronchial airway leading to asthmatic pressures, coughing, respiratory infections or other ailments. Reconstruct your personal space and be yourself.


Staying in the flow – we all have our commitments and live for things we love. When this normal flow of life is thoroughly disrupted, we face a sympathetic response like irregular heartbeat, abnormalities of blood-flow or upheavals such as heart-attack. It indicates the need to reevaluate your life.


The driving force of personal preference – when we cannot attain what we desire, we feel angry, frustrated, depressed or lethargic, leading to irregularities of heart rate, blood-pressure, breath-control or circulation of blood throughout the body. Try and find things that make you happy and do them.

Metabolic glandular system

Obeying the authorities – we are ruled by several forces like the Law, our spouse, family, traditions, destiny. When we are unable to be driven in the same direction, we face abnormal weight conditions, energy crises such as exhaustion or insomnia, fluctuations in the body temperature and other metabolic changes. Don’t give anyone the key to your happiness.

The liver

The one living inside you – we often become dis-spirited self-judgmental or ‘soul sick’ and experience a sympathetic response from the inner organ which performs the same job for the body that the Soul does for the whole self. Imbalance of spirit causes blood impurities, hardening or inflammations of the liver and other potentially life-threatening conditions. Declutter your soul.

Gall bladder

Critical analysis – Bile (or Gall) is a powerful analytic acid secreted by the liver and stored in the adjoining gallbladder for later secretion into the digestive organs. Stress to analyze our life may cause over-acid stomach, indigestion, pain or inflammation of the gall bladder. Honest expression of one’s critical opinions and a full ‘venting’ of one’s feelings is recommended.


The satisfying of ambitions – nausea, lack of appetite, nervous stomach, development of stomach ulcers such imbalances imply hunger of ambition. Work on your dreams and pursue them.

Small intestine

Systematic attainment – when our ability to ‘grind ahead’ in attaining our goals is impaired, we may experience distress to this intestine, leading to cramping, burning, pain or bowel gas buildups or other digestive problems. Logical plans will help you get over such crisis.


Nurturing the bloodline – bloating, gas, diarrhea, exhaustion or pain in the mid-back and abdominal areas indicate a problematic domestic sphere. Little nourishment from the family can help.

Pancreas and blood sugar level

Sweetness – blood sugar imbalances including hypoglycemia and diabetes show that you are too ‘sweet’, neglecting your own needs for the needs of others. It is time to focus on yourself.

Large intestine

Letting go of the past – lower bowel, leading to pain, inflammation, bleeding or even rupture (or perforation) of the colon and the appendix can happen due to undigested trauma of the past. Resolution is very important.


Healing the bloodline – burden of family legacy or tradition may not always be welcome and if it is unresolved, can cause infections, kidney stones or even kidney failure. Self-liberation is the only escape.


Release social pressure – when unable to share the burden of emotions, the causing response is difficulty in releasing urine from the urinary bladder. Over-pressurized social situations may inflame the bladder and urinary tract, leading to incontinence or infections to the urinary tract. Sexually transmitted viruses are another indication of over-emphasis on relating within society. Relaxing the body is vital.

Reproductive organs

Recreating life – distress or dysfunction to the sexual organs is a sign to look at your sexual desires, trying to see the innate desire to recreate, and the people and sexual behaviors you are attracted to. The puzzle of the creative crisis can be solved by you.

The spine

Uptight attitude – pains, spasms, nerve-flow abnormalities and other problems come from being extremely rigid in your outlook towards life. Yoga, massage or physical therapy can help but, you also need to focus on correcting your ‘posture’ in life.


Sacred – Anytime one experiences anything that challenges one’s relationship with divinity, there may be a response in the form of sacral pain, bone misalignment or other injury. Re-alignment with divinity through meditation may help.


The pace of one’s life – aging or sudden demands for faster progress can cause trauma to the hips as it disrupts pace of life. It is up to you to decide if you’re moving too fast or too slow.


Supporting yourself – Anything that distresses or changes our ability to support ourselves can cause a response in the form of pain, injury, strain or other problems with the legs. Take steps towards holistic self-development.


Bowing to greater good – feeling that you may have to face hurdles for the greater good of your family, company or society, you bend before the duty. It can respond in the form of pain, nerve abnormalities or other problems with the knees. Learn to prioritize and be vocal about your needs.


Changing your life direction – stressing over which direction to proceed in or conflict with others over directions you are jointly moving in together, can cause a response in the form of pain, strain or injury to the Ankles. Resolve this conflict with your support group.


Taking a stand in life – pain, injury or other problems to the feet, toes or toenails can result from not taking a stand in your life. You cannot always give in to situations and must think of yourself and others while deciding.

Soles of the feet

Contact with nature – The skin of our feet is our constant contact with Mother Earth, and carries the stress we may have with Nature. Injury or other problems to the soles indicates a greater need for naturalism in your lifestyle. Gardening, hiking, swimming, even walking barefoot can comfort the soles.

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