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Nurse Puts Sick Baby Next To Twin To Say ‘Goodbye’, But Then A Miracle Happens When They Touch

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Nurse Puts Sick Baby Next To Twin To Say ‘Goodbye’, But Then A Miracle Happens When They Touch

Isn’t it amazing how some people are influenced by another person’s presence? I am sure you’ve felt certain feelings around some people. Like, some people can make me feel safe, while others make me anxious almost immediately.

The fact, and yes it’s a fact, that some people’s presence can actually save a life. The story that I am about to tell you proves how strong influence some people have on us.

A nurse won the the front page news on websites and tabloids when she defied the rules and placed a newborn baby next to her dying twin in the hospital.

It all began when twin sisters Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born in a hospital in Massachussets. It was not an easy start for both, as they both came into the world 12 weeks premature and barely weighed one kilogram each.

The twins were placed in separate incubators. While Kyrie’s condition improved almost immediately, her twin sister had much more difficult time. She screamed, cried and had a difficulty breathing…

After a couple of days, Brielle’s condition was collapsing. A nurse in the ICU, Gayle Kasparian, did everything she could to try and help her. She held her, she let her father hold her, wrapped her in blanket, comfort her, but it was all in vain…

Gayle then remembered something she’d once heard of in Europe that was against hospital policy and rules, but she was so heartbroken that she decided to give it a try. She placed tiny Brielle in the same incubator as twin sister Kyrie. Then, a miracle happened…

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