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If Your Partner Does These 7 Things In Bed You Should Never Let Them Go!


If Your Partner Does These 7 Things In Bed You Should Never Let Them Go!

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Sex and associated acts of intimacy, which are popularly termed as “making-out”, are one of the pillars of a successful romantic relationship in our time.

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the prime factors of modern relationships failing. And on the flipside, good sexual chemistry sparks newer and uncharted frontiers in a relationship.

Now let’s talk commitment. Sexuality and intimacy are one of the biggest tell-tale signs when it comes to gauging the levels of commitment in a relationship.

Here, we have tried to crystallize, generalize, and list seven habits that roughly show the highest levels of commitments in a couple. Also, on the flipside, these are the things that highly successful (romantically) couples exhibit.

1. Your mouths are always joined

Kissing is the most basic and one of the purest form of romantic gestures. Even a child understands it. When you see your partner kissing you every other second, especially when you aren’t expecting it, it means they love you very selflessly and for the sheer pleasure of it. They light up your day and you light up theirs. Kissing during sex is one thing, but if your partner gives you kisses throughout the day and in the morning, they really do love you.

2. Everything is playful; they are their inner children in front of you

They make playful gestures, like tickle you and annoy you by making faces in bed. This is just because they like to see the smile on your face, simple as that. There is always a vibe that says “play” at home. You are, as a result, absolutely comfortable and totally yourself when you are with them.  There is no pretense.

3. Rubbing their faces on tickly spaces

There is nothing as intimate and innocent as “mushing one’s face into the other’s chest”, to quote an especially cheesy friend. But it’s a valid point. Face-running is a very primal instinct that indicates deep trust; a kind of trust that is strong enough to outgrow societal norms of “awkwardness” or even “un-coolness”. Besides, it is cute and personal and very strong as a gesture of love and intimacy and sexual comfort.

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4. Fantasies and fetishes are all open for discussion

Ever heard of James Joyce, the great writer from Dublin? Ever heard of his wife, Nora Barnacle? Well, you should go read up their love letters. Joyce had a scat-fetish, details of which will not be gotten into here. Their letters to each other show how fantasies and fetishes are all part of the broad set of things that couples discuss once they are comfortable with their partners to the greatest extent. At the same time, if you and your partner find yourselves discussing your deepest sexual desires, it probably means you are indeed far deeper in love than you would care to admit.

What we are trying to say is that everyone enjoys sex and has sexual fantasies, but not everyone goes around and shares them. So when you finally meet The One, and you are 100% comfortable with them, you both will feel as if its normal and acceptable to share your fantasies with them, and bring them into reality.

5. Consent

No matter what you do in bed, there is consent. And there is nothing done without it. This is very important in our times, especially given the line between consensual sex and rape thinning and trickier scenarios coming into play every day at courts. There is consent, verbal or through gestures, between you two. You know for a fact that they wouldn’t hurt you, and that is the characteristic of a keeper. They would never do anything that you are not comfortable with and they won’t pressure you into anything.

6. Cuddling

This probably doesn’t even need much discussion. If you love someone, you want to touch them with all your body, hence cuddle. You cuddle because you love them and that is as simple as it can get.

7. The sex is A.W.E.S.O.M.E

The cheesy friend I had mentioned above once told me that sex between people who were in love was naturally better because “you want the other person to feel good”. You go out of your way to make the other person feel the way they make you feel.

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