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How Long Sex Should Last, According To a Scientific Study


How Long Sex Should Last, According To a Scientific Study

Now it is not the most common question but it is asked sometimes, how long should sex ideally last.

This is a little complicated to answer, because we all have different ideas in this case. What are we talking about here, foreplay and sex, or the time the man takes to ejaculate?

From a scientific point of view, only the latter can be discussed because the rest of it is extremely subjective. Discussing the time that one takes to ejaculate is also tricky when discussed on a personal level because men are likely to estimate higher than the truth as well, as problematic as it is, sounds better. It is also highly inconvenient to time sexual activity because of how preoccupying it is and sometimes it happens impulsively, so that is that.

Let us talk about research now.

There is one particular study that provides the maximum amount of information in this regards and the results are interesting, to say the least.

The study had five hundred couples from all over the world to time the amount of time they spent having sex on a stopwatch. We know how weird that sounds.

So this is how the study went – the couples would start the process of penetration as they pressed “start” and press “stop” as the man ejaculated. We are also aware that a ritual like that kinds of mars the mood and the natural flow of things, but for science, we gotta do what we gotta do. This study went on for about five weeks.

The results were extremes on the both ends. The least amount of time spent having sex was 33 seconds and the most was 44 minutes. The difference is truly gargantuan.

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There were a lot of other interesting things that came out of this study that have sent most of our general beliefs about sex to a toss. The study showed that condoms make no difference to the amount of time spent in having sex, nor does circumcision. It was also noticed that higher the age, lesser the time taken to ejaculate.

Let us just say that the old men have some explaining to do, regarding the general idea that they take longer.

The average time taken by each couple was 5.4 minutes but as we can see here, there is no fixed time for sex. What adds more credibility to this study is the diversity. There were couples from Turkey, USA, UK,  France and so on. The takeaway here is, there are no time related rules when it comes to sex.

Having known all of that, let us talk about the bigger picture – evolution.

The purpose of sex is to keep the human race going forward, so it could just be a one-time thrust or something of the sort to put the sperms in the vagina and be done with it, so why the whole act at all? Before you start pointing out how pleasurable it is, let me point out that evolution is not about pleasure.

It merely makes something pleasurable to do so that we do it as to keep the human train going (that sounds like a weird movie, excuse the reference.).

But hey, science might have an answer for that too. It might have to do with how penises are shaped. You will find that there is a sort of a ridge near the tip of the penis and it is there for a reason.

An experiment was conducted using artificial genitals and semen, corn syrup. The thrusts were replicated and it was observed that the ridge I just mentioned brings out all the corn syrup that was already in the vagina. Now, what does this mean?

This process suggests that this happens so that the pre-existing semen can make its way out and the ones that are about to go in have a better fertilisation opportunity.

This also gives us a very good explanation as to why it hurts men to go on once they have had an orgasm – it is to make sure that they do not end up taking their own semen out, killing any chances of fertilization.

Anyway, use protection when you have to and you are set.

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