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Do Not Even Think To Apologize For These 10 Things

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Do Not Even Think To Apologize For These 10 Things

Some of us are habitual of apologizing, even when it’s not needed. At times, we tend to apologize for things we shouldn’t even feel sorry for.

Here are 10 of those things that you should never apologize for:

1. Being emotionally expressive

You should never, ever apologize for expressing your emotions, specifically when you are hurt. You shouldn’t even feel like you need to apologize because you are entitled to your emotions. It takes a lot of courage to be able to show how you are feeling. When someone tells you that you are overreacting, it’s their unwillingness to listen to you and understand how you feel. If you get hurt by someone and they eventually apologize, do not feel sorry for “overreacting”, even when they make you feel like you need to.

2. Asking for better

When you know your worth, you know you don’t have to settle for anything less. If your partner isn’t putting in the same amount of effort as you, you have the right to ask for more and for better. If you think his behavior and conduct isn’t how it is supposed to be, you should pinpoint it and tell him he needs to make improvements. It isn’t necessary to prolong a one-sided relationship. You deserve more. Tell your partner.

3. Following your dreams

You don’t achieve your goals without sacrificing. If you are made to apologize for all that you give up in order to have a successful career, don’t ever do it. Don’t even acknowledge that you need to because you don’t! You don’t have to be sorry for putting in blood and sweat into building your career. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone – discussing is another matter. Nobody should tell you to give up on your dreams if they are taking too long to come true.

4. Having hormones/Being on your period

Your periods aren’t something you should be sorry about. No guy has the right to tell you that your periods aren’t an excuse for you to explain your moody behavior or your crankiness. The overflow of emotions during periods is something you should never apologize for! You don’t owe an explanation to anyone without ovaries why you will be cranky, moody, exhausted or unbearable during the following week – they do not get an opinion!

5. What to Eat/How to Live

“Don’t eat that, it’s too oily”, “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”, “Watch the intake of carbs and exercise if you want to lose weight”.

What’s with all these unsought advice? Why does everyone have to make you feel like you need to apologize for what you chose to eat? You shouldn’t! Your body, your likings – own it! It’s another thing if you have an issue and they are intervening for your benefit. But if you are healthy and sound, it shouldn’t matter what you eat or how you choose to live!

6. Not wanting to have sex

You aren’t “in the mood”? You are too tired too even cuddle? It’s okay! Do not apologize! You feel like eating pizza in your sweats, tied up hair and watch Netflix instead? Cool! Do it! There doesn’t have to be a reason why you don’t want to put on that sexy lingerie and get into bed with him. He isn’t entitled to your body or to having sex with you. Don’t ever feel sorry for saying no.

7. Disliking someone who made you feel bad or is a threat to the relationship

It is okay to feel uncomfortable if you feel like someone among your boyfriend’s friend is up to something which might be detrimental to your relationship. Why should you apologize for trying to save your relationship? If you don’t like any of his friends because they seem suspicious, tell him without having the need to apologize for feeling this way.

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8. Wanting space

Asking for some personal time is absolutely okay! In fact, it is a healthy practice. You don’t have to feel sorry if you are asking for some space. You are empowered to pursue your happiness, even if it means spending some time apart from your partner. You are entitled to enjoy moments of your life, feeling like your own person even when in a relationship.

9. Knowing when it’s time to leave

You are well aware of your boundaries and your extent. You know what you are capable of. You have a clear idea about your future but it doesn’t include him. It is okay. It’s nothing you should feel guilty about. You are well aware of what is better for you and, if he isn’t, move on without apologizing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more and better for yourself.

10. Being hurt

Do you want a little more time to heal from the pain of the fight you two just had? Take your time. Sort your feelings. Don’t apologize for it. Your sensitivity sets you apart. Don’t be sorry for having a fragile heart. Nobody, especially him, is supposed to make you feel bad about feeling bad. It is okay to get hurt after an argument and you can take as long as you want to recover from it.

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