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Do Not Date Someone Who Does These 15 Things


Do Not Date Someone Who Does These 15 Things

We get it. Choosing to date a person is never easy. You want your love life to be like a story plot of a silver screen blockbuster. You never look to settle for anybody who does not share the same level of intense passion when it comes to falling in love.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 red flags you should look out for whenever you’re thinking of asking someone out. Let’s jump right into it then, shall we?

1. They never allow you to go through their phones

This one’s a no-brainer. The fact that he/she does not allow you to be anywhere close to their phone is a big red flag. You immediately realize that he/she might be cheating on you.

2. They never give you a solid response when you ask them personal questions

For a relationship to work out, there must be solid, unadulterated communication. If one of them does not reciprocate the other person’s feelings and thoughts, it is bound to fail. Take this with a grain of salt.

3. They never speak in a straightforward manner

A relationship is always strengthened by the foundation of truth and allegiance. If you come up with multiple twisted endings of the same story, it becomes incredibly hard for your date to trust your words. Don’t exaggerate. Keep it simple and real!

4. They look down upon you

If your date looks down upon your achievements to glorify themselves to flaunt their importance in the relationship, you better take the next cab home!

5. They stop talking to you if you two do not have sex for a week

Like seriously, you should have received the danger signal already. He/she is using you as an inanimate object to feed their sexual desires. Sex is important in a relationship but that’s not the only vital domain of a successful one.

6. They do not surprise you with gifts

Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while. If your date doesn’t bother to buy you a token of appreciation when you are going through a rough phase, he/she probably doesn’t take this very seriously.

7. They do not hang out with your friends and family

Your date dislikes your family. A lot. And the worst part is, he/she does not even deny it. If he/she cannot garner respect for your closed ones, the relationship will eventually crumble. Red flag!

8. They flaunt double standards when it comes to relationship rules

If she decides to hang out with his guy friends for a party night, it’s acceptable. But if you try to do the same, she is absolutely pissed off with you! And vice versa. Being a liberal and understanding partner is the key to a successful relationship.

9. They never accept their faults

They never learn to accept it when they are wrong. Instead of apologizing, they blame it on you. Stay away from the blame game!

10. They flirt with strangers in front of you

In a wretched attempt to make you feel jealous, they go out with you and randomly start flirting with a stranger at the station’s queue. That’s a sign of a future cheat. Not cool!

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11. They don’t give you “the tag”

If you two have been going out for quite some time now, but your date still refuses to accept you as her “partner”, it’s a warning sign – they might be confused about you.

12. They are self-obsessed

They hardly care about your feelings and emotions in the relationship. It’s all about them. They are vocal about loving themselves more than being in a mutually understanding relationship. You don’t deserve this.

13. They talk about their ex

Whenever you two are out together, he/she just can’t stop talking about their ex. She clearly hasn’t moved on and your date is approaching a dead end for its wrong timing.

14. There is no sexual attraction

Statistics say that 87% of relationships end because of the lack of mutual sexual attraction. You asked her out because she is kind and innocent but, if you just aren’t attracted sexually, beware.

15. You are not a priority

If your date cannot make some time out of their busy schedule to meet you even once a week, it’s likely that you aren’t her priority and they are just not that into you. You deserve better so please move on!

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