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9 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed and It’s Damaging Your Health


9 Signs You’re Way Too Stressed and It’s Damaging Your Health

Stress is one of the most underrated epidemics in today’s world. This is because it is ingrained in today’s culture which is essentially cutthroat competitive. There have been reports in Japan, of office-goers collapsing and dying right on the road.

Sad world to live in, no? Overworking is never okay though. While working hard is very appreciated and much needed in today’s world, you need to know when you need to stop and take a short break for the sake of your mental and overall health.

There is also the possibility of you not even realizing that you are overworked. So we are here to help and introduce you to the signs that you might need to take a much needed break!

1. You are rarely horny anymore

Starting off on a blunt note: important. Stress kills libido cruelly. You will find yourself never excited, never really enthusiastic about it. As a result, your romantic attachments will slowly fade. What’s worse, stress is one of the largest causes of Erectile Dysfunction today. Even in women, it causes desensitization of the orifice, which makes sex bland and even painful. Of course this can be changed and your urge can come back and everything can go back to normal, but that is something you need to work on yourself. Exercising for example can definitely help and also managing your stress and trying to have less of it in your daily life.

2. You are always tired

You are yawning at work and you can’t concentrate on the most interesting things. You are always snoozing the alarm clock and always finding excuses to go to sleep. Stress overworks all the vital systems in your body. This makes you abhor everything and makes you want to do nothing but sleep. Simply put, it drains your whole energy.

3. But you can’t actually sleep

That’s the biggest issue: despite being absolutely tired and exhausted, you can’t actually fall asleep easily. This is because your nerve endings are fried and they can’t rest. This is a result of all your systems being in overdrive mode. You will end up thinking about every little irrelevant thing, or worse, have a song stuck in your head when you should be sleeping.

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4. You are ill every alternate day

It can be anything from a bout of sneezing to a stomach bug. This is because your immune system is at work all the time trying to protect you from all the stress and tension you put your body through.

5. You keep forgetting things

Things like where you kept your keys/books etc. are ingrained in our muscle memories. This makes remembering them not a task at all. But once your nerve endings are jacked 24×7, it is possible to forget these basic things as well. If not kept in check, this can lead to permanent memory loss; like short term memory loss, which is especially difficult to deal with.

6. Your stomach rumbles every now and then

You are either always hungry or never hungry. This is an indication that your metabolism has gone bonkers. This is a bad, bad thing to deal with. Metabolism, once gone astray, is very hard to bring back on track. This can also cause unnatural weight loss or gain too. All in all, it’s a bad scenario, if one looks at the bigger picture.

7. Everything makes you hyper-react

Things that shouldn’t ideally be of any consequence to you make you emotional and make you want to cry. Or kill someone. Or both. But you end up doing nothing anyway, because you also feel apathetic. And because you didn’t do anything about it, you feel guilty. A hotchpotch of weird feelings is what you feel like, never being able to deal with any single one.

8. You head feels jammed

And that it might explode/implode any time. Suicidal thoughts aren’t uncommon either when you are really stressed out of your wits. This crammed up feeling inside your head can make you feel claustrophobic and suffocating, further adding to the insomnia.

9. You might forget to breathe for little stretches of time and gasp for it after a while

This is again, because of the jacked nerve endings. This is one of the first symptoms of a seizure. If not checked, the consequences can be severe later.

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