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8 things Women do that make guys realize they are Wife Material


8 things Women do that make guys realize they are Wife Material

We all know it’s a cliché to think about your wedding, or saying “I do”, on the very first date you have with someone, or in the beginning of a relationship, but after all, there’s a reason that clichés exist.

You’ve most likely wondered about tying the knot, regardless of whether you’re in a serious commitment. When all you’ve been told since childhood is to have the perfect wedding, and the perfect groom, it’s difficult not to. And when your boyfriend is the most wonderful person ever, who gives you the most joy and happiness you’ve ever received in your life, it’s impossible not to think of settling down with your him. In fact, it’d be odd if you’d never wondered about what being married to him would be like.

In all likelihood, you’ve spent ages thinking about your wedding and the ideal marriage, but have you ever wondered if you are wife material? If you haven’t, then it’s definitely time to consider it!

Read on to find out 8 things that you do that are totally wife material:

1. Wife Material: Frequent and Meaningful Gestures

Anyone can be traditionally romantic, giving roses and chocolate and cards and other conventional gifts on things like your six month anniversary or on Valentine’s Day. But in the long run, these things aren’t all you should do in a relationship. If you’re someone who does nice things for your boyfriend all the time, without having to be asked, you’re truly wife material.

The things you do can be considered trivial by others, but they might mean a lot to your partner. Things like texting him just to say hi and check in with him, buying his favorite ice cream after a tough time at work, keeping your fridge stocked with his favorite beer, and even helping to clean up his place when you go over because you know he’s been sick for a week. If you do these things, then it would be amazing if you got engaged.

2. Wife Material: Don’t Coerce Him

If you keep pestering your boyfriend to propose, that’s a guaranteed way to ensure he’s probably never going to. It’s even worse if you despise him for it or get angry about it. He’ll become agitated with you and will keep reminiscing about earlier times when you weren’t so obsessed about marriage. It’s the worst idea in the world.

Not nudging your boyfriend about marriage will in turn make him feel good about the current status of your relationship. There is no need for either of you to feel pressurized by the other. Both of you need to take things at your own pace, and get married when you feel ready, not based on whatever pace other people’s relationships follow.

3. Wife Material: Do things he enjoys

You’ve probably heard guys whining about how their partners and wives “make” them do things, like going for dinner with their partner’s uninteresting pals or watching a romantic comedy or going antique shopping on a Sunday morning.

You have to do things that your boyfriend would actually be interested in. You don’t have to do things you just don’t find appealing, though. You don’t have to go to a watch a game if you hate sports but your boyfriend loves it. But you should spare some time to do things that both of you enjoy together. Then, he won’t be called ‘whipped’ by anyone ever again.

4. Wife Material: Turn boring chores into fun times

Even trivial things like going to the bank, the grocery store, or just a small stroll nearby can seem magically fun during the honeymoon period of your relationship. You don’t understand when other people complain about chores. What’s there to whine about?!

To not let your relationship become boring and stale, you need to preserve that sense of magic and fun. Real life is hard, and long-term relationships don’t mean candlelit romantic dinners every other day. If you think of chores as fun quality time where you can laugh and joke and be with one another, you’ll feel closer than ever to your partner!

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5. Wife Material: Genuinely compliment him

If you’re always telling your boyfriend that he looks sexy or that he’s the funniest guy you’ve ever meet or that he wears every single piece of clothing like a model, it gets kinda creepy. But you should be genuinely complimenting him regularly… otherwise it’s pretty odd, too.

Don’t just tell him that he has a nice jawline or something cliché because he’s going to think you’re saying the most generic things ever. You have to find out how to show your appreciation to him so that it feels honest and genuine. But then again, if you’re head over heels for your partner, you’re probably already showering them with honest praise, and it just means you’re already one step closer to being wife material.

6. Wife Material: You always make him feel supported

Life isn’t easy, and that’s why a long-term relationship can be a huge comfort. You know there’s always someone on your team, and they’re a safe haven and you can always share your worries and triumphs with them. At least that’s how it should be.

If you’re wife material, it means you unconditionally support your partner, without demanding for anything in return, whether it’s calming him down for a doctor’s appointment, or if his burden at work has increased greatly. You’re always there for him, no matter what, and he’s always there for you too. Otherwise, he’s definitely not someone you should be thinking of marrying.

7. Wife Material: Follow a timetable that works for both of you

Getting into a routine with your partner is the most comforting thing ever. Maybe you guys go out to eat on the weekends, and take a long, serene hike on some trail. Maybe you like to stay in and order take-out on Friday nights and binge watch a show. Maybe you guys like making dinner together every day.

Your routine won’t be the same as another couple’s and that’s perfectly normal. As long as the two of you enjoy doing similar things and get to spend quality time with each other, and if you guys have a comfortable routine, then marriage is probably not too far away, since both of you have shown your commitment towards each other and that you like each other’s company.

8. Wife Material: Share household responsibilities

Back in the 1950s, all you needed to be a good wife was to be proficient in cooking and cleaning and doing everything house or apartment related, but let’s be honest, it’s 2018. You shouldn’t be doing all of the work around the house!

Needing your partner to cook and clean, as well as offer to help run errands is typical, and it demonstrates that you need his respect (and that you deserve it) and that you two are a dynamic duo. You truly can’t be considering tying the knot with somebody who doesn’t have your back and is ready to assist you at any time. You should never be the one doing all the chores all the time!

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