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8 Signs Your Relationship Has What It Takes To Last Forever


8 Signs Your Relationship Has What It Takes To Last Forever

All of us worry about our well-being, and even more so as we grow older. We undergo regular medical examinations, stick to a healthier diet and do things to better our health or do things to remain healthy. However, most of us are only worried about our physical well-being. We tend to not notice whether our relationships are healthy or not.

If you’re physically healthy, you will live longer than others. In the same way, if your relationship is healthy, it will last longer.

But how does one judge if their relationship is healthy or unhealthy? It’s not like you can hook yourself to a machine that will tell you the right answer.

Keep reading to find out what you need to look for in your relationship:

1. You and your partner have faith in each other

Your partner is able to bolster your confidence even when you are drowning in self-doubt. They help you see that you are strong and capable of achieving whatever it is that you are trying to do. You treat each other with respect and don’t make complaints to people outside the relationship.

2. Both of you think that the other one is trustworthy

When you partner makes a promise, you know that they will not go back on what they said. You don’t have to worry about them betraying your trust. There’s no need to think about what you’ll do if they behave irresponsibly. If either of you do end up not being able to do something, the other person understands that the circumstances couldn’t be helped.

3. You are accepting of each other’s past

Neither of you care about the other person’s past relationships or mistakes. You help each other develop and better yourselves. Every day you learn more and more about each other and that keeps your relationship exciting. Both of you are ready to forgive and let go when the situation calls for it. You two understand that everyone has a past but that our past doesn’t define us and that it stays behind us.

4. You are thankful for even the smallest things

Both of you are thankful for the smallest things the other person does. You are content with where you are right now in life with them. You’re not looking forward to bigger gifts or shifting careers in order to be happy. You’re taking it slow and enjoying every step of the way. You understand that even the smallest things and gestures sometimes have much bigger meaning that others.

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5. You are able to talk to each other

There’s no matter that the two of you feel like you have to avoid each other in order to prevent the other person from acting out. There is honesty in your relationship and both of you have laid out all your cards on the table. You treat each other as equals and while you have disagreements, both of you are willing to listen to what the other person has to say. You can freely and openly talk to each other.

6. Making love only gets better as time passes

There might be periods of stagnation here and there but on the whole, your time in bed with each other only makes you feel more connected to each other. Both of you give importance to sex and try to fulfill each other’s physical needs. The passion between you two only continues to grow.

7. You are respectful of each other

When one person draws a line, the other person respects it. You take each other’s hopes seriously and do your best to help each other fulfill them, even if both of you don’t want the same things sometimes. You are both aware that you can’t live wrapped up in each other, so you ensure that you get enough time with other people you care about.

8. Deep down you believe in the same things

Neither of you believe that you need to fix the other person in order to be with them. You are the people that you are and at heart, both of you share the same beliefs about what is important in life, from children and finances to a desire for adventure.

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