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7 Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About

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7 Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About

We never really step out of our comfort zones. For long periods of time, we assume that we’re drifting on a roller-coaster of adventure, but it is all inside our head. Sitting snugly within comforting and familiar areas, we never traipse out more than absolutely necessary.

This is precisely why we should discuss what we should “keep our mouths shut” about. Topics that are considered to be taboo are the ones that need the most amount of discussion. Think about it. They would not be guarding something zealously if it held no value.

1. Authority

This stems from money. Irrespective of the idealist’s cause, the world always stoops before money. It could be any currency: a big business, a trunk full of rare jewels… How a human being fares under that position of power is what truly determines their worth. Most politicians in today’s day and age completely lose their heads when they assume the throne. They discard long-held philosophies and stoop to the meandering, corrupt ways of generations before them. There is something about authority that makes the claimer an addict. I understand that Darwin spoke about the champion being the person who is best adapted to their surroundings; however, in the process of achieving that, most people leave their humanity behind.

2. Unequal Income-Scale

Here, I do not campaign for undeserved merit. When we speak of the wage-gap, we are not asking companies to pay everybody equally despite their abilities, but because of it. I make 10 pounds for a job my neighbor makes 20 pounds for, simply because he has better “connections”. We are a world that deems merit on the basis of everything apart from fair-play and hard-work. To any rational mind, there is no excuse or justification for the apparent wage-gap to exist. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor get poorer still.

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3. Gender Bias

Women are said to have been made from the rib of Adam. But mythology alone cannot justify discrimination, can it? For absolute ages, women have been typified as weak, frail, fragile creatures who need a knight in shining armor to save them from their non-existent distress. Patriarchy has not limited itself to the mistreatment of women. Men suffer the disasters of it, mostly without the realization of it. Men are typified as strong, macho, masculine creatures who are not allowed to shed a tear. Bearing the weight of the world, and being crushed under it, are both extremely horrible places to be in.

4. Political Hatred

My TV screen shows more of slang being hurled in the Parliament, than the development of an actual policy. Most politicians make entire campaigns out of their hatred for the opposing party. Unless you step out of the intense, toxic mud-slinging, there is going to be negligible hours left to make something productive happen. I did not stand 2 hours in line, to vote for a teen-flick in the Parliament.

5. Finding God

Religion has often brought the world on the brink of war. The 21st century is a prime example of that. We chase an invisible ideal, simply because that has been the norm for years. Nobody questions the pattern because nobody is allowed to. “Who is God?”, “Why are these rituals mandatory?”, “How does one prove that these are his words?” Once you start questioning the imposed beliefs, the elaborate schemes will become very apparent to you.

6. Polyamorous Relationships

Most people hate discussing about this. Now, there are two possible reasons why: 1) People cannot think beyond the sex-aspect of it, 2) Because monogamy has been the rule for way too long.

We need to understand that how somebody else lives their life is absolutely none of our business. As this world matures, our mentality must follow suit. If a human being wants to have multiple partners, and all of them are amicably consenting to the establishment, then I do not see the problem. By keeping this under the blanket, you’re robbing somebody’s right to love freely.

7. Being Immortal

This is the scariest part of it. Abolishing death may seem like a fabulous concept, but only when you aren’t thinking of it as ‘inability to die’. Not having to fear for death might seem terrific in the beginning, but wait for 100 years before you’re bored of this existence, and want to move on. With each passing day, we have constantly defied pre-conceived notions of ‘the possible’. 3D printers can make art come to life, people can now have children without having sex; babies can be made in test-tubes. We are constantly edging towards the next big thing, not knowing how disastrous some results can be.

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