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If You Spot These 7 Signs In Your Partner You Are Dating A Sapiosexual


If You Spot These 7 Signs In Your Partner You Are Dating A Sapiosexual

Before coming in a relationship with someone, there are certain character traits that attract us towards that person. Sometimes they allure us to such an extent that we often blur our ability to judge them properly. This is how sometimes we may end up dating a sapiosexual without even noticing it.

A Sapiosexual is a person who is usually attracted to an intelligent person. This word, which first began to be used in the 21st century, is derived from the latin word “sapien” which means wise

While many people, like sapiosexuals give priority to intelligence in an individual, others consider the term to be highly pretentious, demanding unnecessary attention.

But how will you be certain if you are dating a sapiosexual?

Based on certain characteristic traits, here are 7 signs you should look for in your partner which can give you a guaranteed assurance.

1. You began dating after a lot of introspection

You may have started dating after spending a lot of time with that person. You did not get into a relationship just right away. Sapiosexuals, in order to get attracted to you, need to know you for a longer time. They study your character and personality closely before confiding anything to you. They may gradually develop interest in you over time. They aren’t foolish to rush into any commitment. They are a careful judge of people and are highly observant.

2. They value all elements of your intelligence

Sapiosexuals are known to respect all aspects of your intelligence, like emotional as well as comedic intelligence etc. This is the factor that they are attracted to. This does not mean you have to be book smart. They usually check your level of maturity and your capability to handle your emotions in different situation.

3. They are attracted to your witty, clever text messages

The dead art of writing a love letter has surely given birth to another easy, faster way of communication – texting. Texting brings out a new side of your character, if your replies are fast, humorous and chucklesome. This reveals a highly intelligent trait of your character. It also reveals your ability to quickly talk back sense into someone or defend yourself logically. This is what attracts your sapiosexual partner and turns them on.

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4. They are greatly respectful of your modesty

Your partner may have some ego, but they don’t want it in you. Your sapiosexual partner desires for you to be modest and if modesty is already a trait that you possess, then they are highly attracted to you. It often happens that they are more allured by your humility than the long list of achievements. They may not be tempted by your job or education degree, but rather find your sympathetic and understanding personality charming. This is what will ultimately push them to fall in love with you.

5. You both are on the equal level when it comes to intelligence

Your partner is more likely to be attracted to you when they find themselves on the same level of connection. They may immediately catch the intelligent jokes that you pass while in a random conversation with friends or share interest in the same topics. If you both regard each other as astute, insightful and clever, you are more likely to fall in love with one another.

6. You refrain from having small talk

Engaging in small talks is such a wasteful investment of time. When a person indulges in small talk, one can usually make out his invaluable personality by his actions. If you and your partner both dislike small talks, it’s sure that you are meant to be together. Sapiosexuals like dynamic conversations and talks. They usually stay silent when another person begins small talk but this doesn’t mean that they are being rude to you. It’s just that talking on petty issues isn’t really their favorite thing to do.

7. Your looks don’t attract them as much as your brain does

It’s your intelligent brain that is their constant focus of attention. They are highly intelligent themselves. However, this doesn’t mean they are trying to intimidate you. It is their character trait that they are easily challenged by the way other people think and react. Your personality also charms them but they are more easily moved by your cleverness. This will make your relationship interesting and enthralling over time.

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