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7 Gross Things That Happen When You Get Too Comfortable In A Relationship


7 Gross Things That Happen When You Get Too Comfortable In A Relationship

Valentine’s day just passed! The day couples all over the world celebrate a Roman priest who used to get soldiers married in secret, since getting married was banned and not allowed. Couples gift each other chocolates and roses and valentine hearts, and promise each other their love.

But is love JUST that?

Is it just the good stuff? The kissing, sex, chocolates, movie dates etc?

The answer: No.

Love is the circumstance which lets you be yourself in front of another human being unapologetically. You are not judged and you can be in your own natural state of comfort and still feel protected.

So here are seven habits that come out only if you are really into your partner. At the same time, if you do exhibit these behaviors in front of them or they do in front of you, it is a sure sign of love. The person you feel comfortable doing these things in front and with, and vice versa, is definitely the one you need to stay with!

Read on and let us know in how many you can find yourself and your partner:

1. Having no hesitation to discuss your menstrual periods with your partner

This is a big thing for both the sexes: women find it to be a big sign of commitment, while men find the whole process either too icky or too complicated to pay heed to, seriously. If you find yourself talking about your periods with your partner to be no big deal, and they (especially if it’s a guy) listens and remember dates from the cycle, just take the hint. It’s a sure sign if he doesn’t care if it is an icky subject, and doesn’t get grossed out when you speak about that.

2. You play minesweeper with each other’s pimples

It might sound gross, but once you are really, really settled with a partner, their body fluids just cease to matter. Pimple-popping is a thing many couples share. Despite what others think or say, for them to burst each other’s zit is a habit they are both used to. And no, they don’t find that gross at all.

3. Getting rid of body hair is no longer an absolute necessity

Yes, you stop putting in effort into dressing up and grooming for the other person. It’s a part of the whole experience. You don’t shave quite as often because you won’t be doing it as often if you were living alone. Your partner is so inconspicuously present in your life that you are just at your most comfortable; and lazy.

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4. You talk about bowels way too much

Bowels are important. You are concerned about your own and about theirs too. You don’t bat an eyelid and announce to the other that you are constipated or that you have to go urgently. That you have to answer nature’s major call is your business only; but you make it their business too, and they return the favor cent for cent.

5. Bathroom privacy? What’s that?

Your day begins with brushing your teeth and watching them on the toilet. It’s just the way it is. Conversations happen in this beautiful scenario too.

6. Not changing for days on end

Let’s face it. We millennials are often dirty, unhygienic and lackadaisical about personal cleanliness. We often don’t change our clothes and there are some clothes in our wardrobes that feel like a second skin as a result. (Remember Seinfeld’s Golden boy?) With your partners, if you are comfortable, you will stay the same; not changing for days on end. Even if it means itching and crabs. You are lazy and you can be even lazier with them.

7. Farts

“No shame. Let it rip!”

That’s your motto in front of your partner. It’s a bodily function that you aren’t inhibited about alone and you definitely aren’t inhibited in front of them. The crux of the tale we are trying to tell is this: when you are in love with someone and you are really comfortable with each other, you enjoy the mundane together as much as the magic. In fact, it is then that you realize that there is magic in the mundane as long as you have each other.

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