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5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret According To The Hindu Philosophy


5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret According To The Hindu Philosophy

Hindu philosophy has a lot to tell us about our familial life, life which cannot be recorded or ordained upon by any court of law.

The Upanishads, Manusmriti etc, tell us how to live our life in a way that doesn’t create problems for us, or for the rest of our family.

They advise us to be secretive about stuff that isn’t necessary at all, and not to disclose stuff either, that could potentially harm us. What are they?

1. Never reveal to any outsider if your family is undergoing stress, or tense relations. Shouting out your problems to the outer world is not going to help, apart from them ridiculing your family and demeaning them at every opportunity they get. Unless you want your family to be a topic of shame, never disclose stuff about your family’s problems to anyone.

2. Your sex life is yours. It isn’t a book that you have to publish, nor a movie that you have to produce. It is a very simple, very pure task, which shouldn’t be hyped up, or discussed so vehemently. Do you discuss that you were breathing today? No. Similarly, hold your horses, and your sex details to your own skin. For it might not matter to you, but the other person might get offended.

3. If you are being charitable from your right hand, make sure that your left hand doesn’t know about it. Similarly, a generous charity loses its purpose, when you decide to beat your own drum in the market. Are you being a nice person but for an Instagram post? If so, you don’t have to. Let someone else, with a clean mind, and someone who wouldn’t unnecessarily tell someone of their good deeds take your place.

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4. Don’t ever reveal your projects to someone. And even if you do, make sure that your eggs are in different baskets, meaning that you don’t disclose it off entirely. You never know, the person you are disclosing this to might be a glory hog, with no talent of his own, seeking to better his prospects by utilizing you. You would be sitting duck and the reason for your own misfortune.

5. You don’t have to pour out your soul to everyone you meet. Some things need to be kept private. Your own spiritual techniques, which you use to calm yourself, or better yourself in a particular way, need not to be disclosed. Just because you are a nice, helpful person, doesn’t mean that people have the right to step right over you, and use it to put themselves on a higher pedestal. Know that your knowledge of the unknown, and your knowledge of that which is hard to comprehend, is your own skill. And you haven’t instituted a charity trust to help everyone. Keep something close to your heart, for they might use it for their nefarious purposes, and then you would be the one lamenting over sharing.

Share that, which needs to be. Hide that, which needs to be.

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