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5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret About Your Relationship


5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret About Your Relationship

The 21st century has had several innovations in every sphere. With increasing technology, people have been connected to each other, and that has turned this planet into a global village.

The influx of information passing from people to people, via the several social networking sites available, has been tremendous. People from distant lands get to know about someone they once knew, with just a touch of a button. But, this has led to several problems, with absence of privacy being the most important.

Any relationship, be it personal or professional, requires a certain degree of privacy in it.

There are several information, material, things, feelings and emotions, that just can’t be said to people all over, simply because it puts a lot of undue and annoying spotlight on the partners involved in the relationship.

While some may justify this lack of confidentiality claiming transparency and accountability, we must agree to this, that it somewhere shows a lack of integrity, sending signals to various parties, that the bond of trust between these partners are not as close as they should be.

Even though people have their right to form an opinion, or the freedom of expression, it must be kept in mind that it doesn’t offend or put someone in a bad light. But, every lock has a key; the key stating certain things to not be done in a relationship.

1. Sex should stay between the covers

Parading your sex life to all and sundry is never a good idea. It endangers someone’s sense of morality, and infringes upon the rights of a partner in a relationship. It should be kept in mind that discussing it might be cool for you, but if it isn’t agreeable to your partner, you should not do it. For, it takes two people to maintain a relationship, and this shows a serious lack of understanding and communication. Your partners privacy should be respected and not betrayed. Talking about your sexual life, revealing intimate details about it or talking about the amount of sex you are having or not having at all, is a definite NO as a conversation topic between you and others!

2. Money should be a post-dinner conversation between partners

Money has always been a sensitive issue to discuss between people. While some may like to show off their bank balance to people, and the rest would like to discuss their monetary imbalances with their peers, it is never a good idea. For it puts your relationship to test and it makes you vulnerable to your friends and family. A relationship involves two partners making it work through their own grit, not with the help of others.

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3. Don’t get too familiar with family problems

This is always a major deal-breaker. No one likes their family brought up to light, or made fun of. Not only does it reflect your poor mindset and mentality, it also casts doubts on your feelings for your partner. Family problems are extremely common. If your partner can adapt without complaining, so can you. For each other’s sake.

4. Flaws

Stop right there! This is dangerous territory and should never be crossed. IF they didn’t like you criticizing their family, what made you think they would appreciate you criticizing them? If you have a problem with your partner, you have ample time to sort it out yourselves rather than putting on a show for other people to witness the drama in your life. This would break their trust over you and is almost always not redeemable.

5. Confidence on being confidential

Never ever discuss anything your partner told you with other people! This is a serious breach in the trust you share and will always lead to several problems. What happens behind closed doors remains behind closed doors! If your partner really wanted everyone to know, they would have tweeted it. If they think you are worthy of that information, make sure you uphold that idea about you.

Relationships are the common ground between two completely different individuals. Humans are social beings as a rule, and to survive, we need them. But we also need to see that our outspoken behavior doesn’t harm someone or our relationship. For they matter. They always did.

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