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5 Huge Differences Between Men And Women We All Need To Know

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5 Huge Differences Between Men And Women We All Need To Know

Since the day we are born, we are made to learn the overwhelming difference between our genders. Having known that, it is necessary for us to realize that the society we are residing in is essentially gender-sensitive and, in such a situation, understanding and respecting the differences is very essential.

However, gender-based identity is just not restricted to two parameters. Gender queer and fluid identities have also come to occupy a quintessential position among the existing ones. 

There is a common notion that men are generally not very explicit about their feelings. Some people differ in their opinions regarding the latter. However, we shall not try to indulge in that discussion. 

Despite all forms of gender fluidities and unrestricted gender binaries, we can talk about certain basic differences between men and women based on their biological and sociological differences.

Melanie Gorman interviewed certain relationship experts like Clara Wisner and Helen Fisher regarding their point of view. Listed here are a few things that can essentially help one gain a wider perspective on the essential differences between these two genders:

1. The separate evolutionary process

The biological being of men and women are separate. Society has somehow been able to transcend certain ideas into the differentiated realms that have rendered gender-specific roles to the two sexes.

Men, by nature, are portrayed as the ones who are engaged in hardy jobs like hunting and gathering in the stone-age to working in industrial setups and preferred service sectors.

Women, on the other hand, have been assigned the role of someone who is by nature polite, calm, sequestered and driven by passions. They aren’t as mechanized lot like the men and are therefore best known for their tenderness and homely behavior. Such an attribute of women also reflects their actions.

This strict differentiation is very outdated now. Things have become different now, with the gaps diminishing more and more. 

2. These differences do not better the situation in any way

The difference has been termed as “evolutionary mismatch’ by Clara Wisner. The physical differences that are inherently present due to the separate evolutionary processes are very much not likely to affect the current situation. 

3. Sexual and romantic preferences may vary

The much-gendered roles that the two are constantly engaged in somehow shape their views and preferences in terms of sexual activities or romantic nature. A lot of men still believe that romance is equivalent to sexual intercourse. Well, of course, it is easy to recognize the patriarchs.

Certain studies have shown how men have a tendency to get infatuated faster than women and are also the ones who fall in love before women could think about the same. Romance might have very different connotations when it comes to men and women. Respecting and acknowledging such a difference in opinion is indeed a wise thing to be done. And all of it is actually possible if people communicate well. 

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4. Gender is not the only lookout

Before having assigned the different gendered identities, it is necessary to remember that irrespective of the differences, there is one common plane of commensurability and that is the very essence of being an individual. Such individuality marks their existence as superior individuals and human beings. Glorifying their identity as humans is the greatest achievement on their part. 

5. How the relationship has the scope of development

Couples need to realize that every relationship has a scope for betterment and evolution. With time and experience, relationships learn to overcome the obstacles and gain maturity. Such an evolution can occur only when they continue to be in a relationship and are interested in continuing it forever. Commitment to a relationship helps them to overcome differences and enjoy their company forever. 

All in all, the experts agree on one thing: communication! In order to have a successful relationship in this age and time, we need to grow beyond the evolutionary differentiation.

There are men who are emotional and women who are sexual too. Sticking to one theory of stereotypical roles needs to be shattered now.  You need to be able to communicate really well with your partner to succeed in the relationship.

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