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17 Signs He Secretly Likes You And Is Freaking Out About You


17 Signs He Secretly Likes You And Is Freaking Out About You

Has there ever been a moment in your life when the guy you’re dating suddenly starts behaving strange and aloof? Don’t freak out if you’re facing such a situation, because chances are that he already likes you too much.

Don’t blame yourself if your partner has suddenly switched from being obviously in love with you to being distant around you. There’s nothing that you’ve done to flip him over. Possibilities are that he’s already in love with you so much that he’s unable to express his emotions to you. Give him time to come around this feeling in him.

Here are 17 signs that say that he’s too scared to admit that he’s really into you.

1. His eyes express his love for you

He admires you with sparkling eyes every time he thinks you’re not noticing him looking at you.

2. He’s suffered from heartbreak

It hasn’t been easy for him to overcome his last heartbreak and he’s scared that you’ll probably treat him the same way.

3. He sometimes confides in you

Every now and then comes a moment when he allows you to enter into his private thoughts, shares his past with you but then withdraws himself from any further contact with you, the moment you try to reach out to him.

4. He warms up close to you, cuddling at night

He’s warm and cuddly after sex. However, once the night passes, he distances himself from you again because it freaks him out to go back to reality.

5. He’s never clear with his message

He confuses you with mixed signals about what he wants from you. He sways between being tender at one moment to being cold the next.

6. He acts out his feelings

He avoids situations where he’ll be expected to express his feelings for you. He’d rather perform the act than put it in words for you. He’ll never say how much he loves you but is always there in times of need.

7. He’ll talk about you even if he won’t admit about the relationship

He’ll tell everyone about you, discuss things related to you but will not easily accept the fact that he’s dating you already.

8. He’ll not do futuristic talks with you

He’ll avoid discussions about the future but be sure that he’s already planning a life with you.

9. He’s extra cute and affectionate with you

He pampers you with love and talks cute to you but, the moment you try the same with him, he’ll withdraw himself from you.

10. He’ll never keep the eye contact for too long

If you’ve been communicating with your eyes for too long and are just getting into that romantic state of mind, he’ll break the eye contact with you.

11. He’ll deny anything serious between the two of you

Even though he’ll never admit that he needs your presence in his life, he’ll be utterly jealous the moment he’ll see you with some other man, even if it is just a friend.

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12. He’ll avoid the public display of affection

He’ll never hold your hand in public or kiss you in front of everyone, even though he’s incredibly attracted to you.

13. He seems to be unable to express something important

It always looks like he’s holding back something that he wants to share with you but he’s waiting for the right moment to say it.

14. He’s never expressive about his feelings for you

His friends and not him are the ones always telling you about his love for you. He’s crazy about you but will never say so.

15. He pushes you away to forget about you

He knows he’ll miss you but at the same time, he drives you away from him. It’s confusing and painful for him too. In the end, be assured that he really wants you despite these feelings.

16. He won’t address you as his girlfriend even though he’ll want you by his side always

He calls you to every gathering that includes his friends and family members even though he’s scared to make things official and put a label on it.

17. Eventually, he expresses his feelings for you

He finally tells you about how much he likes being with you and how scared he is about going through heartbreak again.

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