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10+ Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

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10+ Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

Everyone knows that an evil person is, simply put, profoundly immoral and wicked. However, it is not that easy to pin point a person as being evil due to a lot of factors, such as that immorality for one might be normalcy for another.

Evil people might present everywhere, regardless of the place, such as your workplace, school, store or just about anywhere.

This guide lists down 16 signs that you need to identify to determine if a person is evil.

1. They Seek Pleasure in others Misfortune

Every evil person becomes happy if they see someone else in trouble or sustain any type of loss. They don’t even try to conceal the fact that they got some type of pleasure from such an unfortunate event. This truly becomes problematic when they start creating problems for others just so that they can seek pleasure from it.

2. They are very Controlling

Evil people are controlling to such an extent that they might get sick if they are not in control of the smallest aspect of their own life. This is mainly due to their own distrust of the world, that they are not comfortable with handing the leash to someone else.

3. Lies coming out of their mouth is Common

Everyone has a tendency to lie every now and then but this does not qualify them as liars. Being a liar is something different, as when a person lies without even realizing it and their whole life is built on lies. This is done to such an extent that reality becomes overshadowed by lies in their life.

4. You get a Strange Feeling in your Gut around them

Intuition is a human’s best defense against any and every evil out there. Everyone should trust their intuition as it is seldomly wrong. Evil people will give you a weird feeling when you are around them, without them having done something wrong, so trust that feeling and distance yourself from such people ASAP!

5. They have Deceived you

Misleading others is what gives them their power. If you ever catch someone misleading you about themselves, others, or just in generally, then run as far as possible from them. This misleading can come in a lot of forms, such as lying or misquoting about anything.

6. They never show Remorse

The worst thing about evil people is that they can never be sorry for what they have done to you or someone else. Good luck with trying to extract an apology out of them for what they have done, as they will skillfully deflect it in such a way as to put all the blame on you.

7. Cruelty is a Common Trait

Evil people are cruel to such an extent that they don’t think twice about physically hurting anyone around them, be it an animal, their spouse or even their children. This physical abuse might lighten all that hate inside their heart but it is in no way justified by any means.

8. Irresponsible

Evil people will never take the responsibility of their actions which resulted in someone getting hurt. This can go to such an extent that they will resort to shifting blame on someone else just so that they don’t have to apologize. 

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9. Their Friends and Family Don’t Like them

Friends and family are there to support you regardless of your shortcomings. However, for this particular person, even they seem to indirectly issue warnings to you. This evil person might talk about an ex-partner who ran away from them so this should be enough to let those red alarms ring.

10. They are not Good Friends

Whenever you need help of any sort, this particular person will be nowhere to be found. However, when things are going good and smooth, they will be always around you as a shadow. Just know that if they help you in any way, there must be something for them in it.

11. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia & Bigotry is Common

Someone can only be a racist, sexist or homophobic if they are purely evil and there are no two opinions about it. Their life revolves around bigotry, which is done to make more evil people come out of their cocoons.

12. They are Manipulative

Evil people have this common trait of being manipulative. If they do something good for you, it is certain that sometime in the future it will come back to haunt you in the shape of some weird favor. They will submit you into doing things for them by being manipulative.

13. They try to Belittle you

This comes as a form of manipulation but just as emotional manipulation. They will make you feel worthless and having no voice to the extent that you will prefer staying quite and complying to anything and everything they demand of you. You might try to justify these remarks by assuming that they are just being friendly but don’t be fooled.

14. Divide and Conquer

As mentioned previously, evil people tend to divide the good people for their benefit. They will try to confuse you or make you unsure of yourself which will then be used to have more power over you. You can fight this by keeping a cool demeanor and try to seem confident even when you don’t know what is going on.

15. Different Place, Different Personality

It is their natural tendency to mask their true identity in front of everyone so that they can never in vulnerable in any situation. Their attitude changes depending on who they are with and this is usually done so that they can get whatever they want. One thing is common – they will never let you know who they really are.

16. What are Boundaries?

Evil people are known to have no boundaries whatsoever. They are like a chewing gum, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it, they will keep on sticking around and be clingy in general. A proper analogy can be made using a boomerang as how hard you throw it away from you, it always comes back. They will try to manipulate you to let them back into your life but, if you are persistent enough, it is possible to get rid of them for good.

A person has to change but only if they want to change themselves. All you can do is to leave them as soon as possible so that you do not become collateral damage in their quest.

If anyone in your life seems like a person described above, boot them from your life as soon as possible. You will certainly feel better in their absence.

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