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10 Things She’s Done Dealing With Because She Has Standards


10 Things She’s Done Dealing With Because She Has Standards

The warmth of a woman’s love embraces a man like no other emotion possibly can. She gives him all the respect and attention he deserves. She pampers him like a caring mother takes care of her ill child. She believes in his abilities and promises to be there throughout his journey of life. But then, it strikes – the man deserts her for someone else.

Not only does this leave the woman on the edge of acute depression, it snatches away the ability to trust in another person anytime soon. They say “depression either creates a whole new life out of the shambles or destroys a person altogether.” It’s only at the deepest troughs of our lives when we realize how to soar to the state of happiness yet again.

We have compiled a list of 10 unhealthy actions that a rejuvenated, independent woman can simply not endure from a man anymore. Read on!

1. Lame guess games

When you are interested in a person, you express it explicitly instead of playing mind games and immature pickup tricks to send over mixed signals to her.

2. Zero effort

A successful relationship thrives on a foundation of mutual effort and sacrifices. If she’s the only one to put in some effort to make a relationship more meaningful, unlike you who just do not take it seriously, she’s going to leave you.

3. Blind ignorance

If you have ever isolated a woman because she developed feelings for you, she will never come back to you asking for a chance ever again. She’ll remove you from her life completely and move on.

4. Fake promises

If you planted a seed of a vivid, beautiful dream in her mind, you must live up to her expectations. If all you can do is to make big promises to earn her trust but you do not live up to it, the relationship will eventually crumble.

5. Immature demands

She wants to be with a man who knows how to hold his world together without losing his mind. The last thing she needs is to bear a man-child who complains and whines about his life all the time!

6. Dominating behavior

No woman likes to feel emotionally suppressed in a relationship. If you have a dominating behavior and you never allow your woman to act according to her free will, she’ll grow tired of your antics soon. A breakup for the quest, for freedom is inevitable.

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7. Casual treatment

Unless and until you have a mutual agreement between yourselves, you are not entitled to treat her like your personal sex toy. You cannot call her up for casual physical intimacy whenever you want. She deserves a proper relationship filled with love and comfort. If you cannot live up to her dreams, you better move on before mistreating her.

8. Avoiding her purposely

If you want to play the age-old trick of keeping her on the edge of her seat when it comes to talks about the future, you are not doing yourself a big favor. As a mature adult, she deserves to have a wholehearted conversation with her lover regarding the future of the relationship. If you deliberately avoid the talk and lead her to some vague notions of lines like “this is not the right time”, she is going to leave you immediately.

9. Lying to her

Be it a simple white lie or a major lie, it’s a sign of distrust and disrespect. She will never endure this. She wants a loyal, honest man and if you do not fulfil the criteria, the relationship will crumble.

10. Not making her your primary choice

Making her an option in your life and not a priority is the worst kind of treatment a woman can possibly receive from a man she loves. She does not deserve to be treated like this and will eventually fall for someone who prioritizes her over anybody else.

If you are an independent woman recovering from a failed relationship, follow the 10 points mentioned above to differentiate between a successful, honest man and a random wannabe guy. This way, you can make your life so much better than it is!

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